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September 4, 2015

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Happy School Year to Us!

Literacy Review Week

The students enjoyed working this week with the realistic text, Henry and Mudge. Throughout the week we practiced putting texts in the correct sequence. We also worked on making predictions and inferences while we read. Later in the week we read an informational piece, All in the Family, about different kinds of animals. Ask your child what they learned about a Komodo dragon.

Our grammar focus was finding the subject and predicates in sentences. We learned that the subject is the who or what the sentence is about. Then the predicate includes the action part of the sentence.

In writing we are working on a narrative piece about one of our favorite days. As a class we are doing a shared writing piece about the day we received our iPads. I can't wait to read your child's writing piece about their best day!

Make a Ten

Our focus in math has been practicing addition and subtraction using the "Make a Ten" strategy. This strategy teaches the children to take the first number in the equation and make it a ten by adding a certain number. Here is a quick video if you are interested in learning more about this strategy. realize this is a new way for many of the children to think about equations. We will continue to practice this throughout the first unit. We will be having a mid unit quiz late next week.


Today your child had the opportunity to bring in one item that fit inside their backpack to share with their classmates. I will use this time each week for students to practice their speaking skills. Sharing time is a great time for students to share their interests and items that are important to them, and at the same time practice how to speak in front of an audience.

MAP Testing

Our class started the MAP reading test on Tuesday afternoon. The children did a nice job working hard and taking their time. Many of the students will finish their reading test next week. The 2nd grade MAP test looks different from what the students are use to in 1st grade. Our test can have lengthy pieces of text for them to read. Everyone kept their head up and did a nice job even when their questions were complex.

We are scheduled to take the MAP math test when we return to school on Tuesday.

Thanks for all that you do to make sure you child gets a good night of sleep and eats a healthy breakfast during the testing days. I am confident that all the students will do great!

PE update from Mrs. Spaulding

Please click on the following link to view Mrs. Spaulding PE blog:

She wanted you to know it will be updated later in September.