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Hello all!

Here we are almost in November.

In the flyer you and your kids will find tips on making friends, handy posters, a video in french and english with ideas for school success, an audio link on anxiety in children and community resources. It is Remembrance Day coming up, a lovely video clip at the end. Everything is clickable and don't forget to browse the pinterest families and teen sites too. I hope you all have a nice November!

Linda Campbell

student support services counsellor

how to help your help your child make friends

Posters from Second-Step * Click and Print

Friends can make life so much better! They make us laugh, and they are there for us when we’re down.

Without friends, many kids can get lonely. This section will teach you about: making friends, good friendships, and what to do when a friend isn’t nice to you.




Friendship skills: suggestions for families

Parents and carers are children’s first and most important teachers when it comes to relationships. The ways you relate to your children and the guidance you provide helps develop children’s social skills. You can help children develop friendship skills and strategies by modelling effective social skills, providing opportunities for children to practise relationship skills and offering support when they go through difficulties. Taking the role of a coach helps children learn the skills they need for themselves. http://www.kidsmatter.edu.au/families/about-friendship/making-friends/making-friends-suggestions-parents-and-carers

making friends - for kids

When you meet someone, you don't know whether that person is going to become a good friend, so you have to be a bit careful at first. Friendship is like planting a seed that you've found. You are not quite sure what is going to come up so you have to watch it carefully and nurture (look after) it.

Aider vos enfants à réussir à l'école
Helping your kids succeed in school

community resources

Prince George Child Care Resource and Referral CCRR offers parenting information, workshops and links parents to child care providers in the community. Free consultations, support and referral services are available to parents. Forms and assistance with child care Subsidy available

Contact 250-563-2483 or ccrr@nbcy.orgwww.childcarechoices.ca

Prince George Healthy Weights for

Children: Shapedown BC
Group based programs that help youth (age 6-17) and their families develop meaningful lifestyles changes that lead to healthy weight management, improved physical health and emotional wellbeing. Supported by a multidisciplinary team, the programs use family therapy, exercise, nutrition and behavioural techniques to help families identify and problem-solve their unique challenges to healthy eating and active living. Suitable for youth with complex weight management issues (BMI > 97% or 85-97% with co morbidities) No cost. Referral required from Physician
Contact: 250-565-5825
or Arkell.Wiley@northernhealth.ca

Prince George Kidsport

City of Prince George Part of a provincial and national network providing financial assistance to children and youth who need it to participate in sport programs. Grants of up to $100 per child per year for sport registration fees are offered.Application forms available at the Community Services Dept. at City Hall, 1100 Patricia Blvd. Contact Community Services http://princegeorge.ca/cityliving/recreation/kidsportprogram/Pages/Default.aspx

A Timely Video for Remembrance Day in Canada
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