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Astronomers are Important

Astronomers are very important when it comes to discovering celestial phenomena. Without them we would think we were the only planet. Yet we still might think our planet is flat. We might also think that the sun is our god.


An astronomer has to have a very reliable personality. They need to be very persistent. Say if they see a weird, object in space that they don't recognize, they will have to use things they already know, to discover what it is.


Astronomers will need to use different types of technology. They will have to use things like very high-classed telescopes. They will also have to rely on Iris, Avis, fits viewer, and software bisque CCDSoft


To get a job, you will need to get a doctoral degree.


Some abilities Astronomers will need are Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Computers and other high technology.
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Salary and Job Outlook

Job Outlook: Below Average, not many jobs in the future.

Salary: 105,410 on average