6th Grade Tiger Newsletter



If your student is interested in the WORLDSTRIDES trip to Florida in the summer of 2018, please contact Ms. Jasper for more information.


Tiger Teacher Topics of the Week

Mrs. Jester's Math

6th grade Pre-AP Pre-Algebra and 6th grade math students will be reviewing for the math portion of the OCCT next week. All sixth grade students will take the sixth grade test. The sixth grade will be testing on Thursday, April 13, and Friday, April 14th. The math test will be on Friday, April 14th.

"Excellence is not being the best; it is doing your best."

Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Turnbow's Math

Mrs. Turnbow's and Mrs. Campbell's 6th grade math classes will be reviewing key standards before taking our Math OCCT on April 14.

Ms. Jasper's Science

This week we will begin chapter 7 lesson 1. We will be discussing biotic and abiotic factors, as well as ecosystems.

Just some reminders for this week:

Wednesday, March 29: Chapter 6 Lesson 3 Quiz

Tuesday, April 4: Ch. 6 Test (I will be sending the students a study guide soon!!)

Ms. Clark's Science

Dear Parents and Students,

Can you believe we are in the final 9 weeks?

Next week in Science we have a test, Tuesday the 28th, over Chapter 5 material. The students can access abundant and helpful study resources/links in their science folder on their Google Drive. Students attending the OKC Philharmonic trip will take the test on Monday or Wednesday.

We are concurrently beginning our study of Human Body Systems. Our learning activity for this will be making a foldable.

Have a wonderful week!

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies

Mr. Janzen's and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies classes will wrap up the Central America region next week and begin our studies of the Caribbean. We will finish Central America with the conclusion of the construction of the Panama Canal and begin the Caribbean with a map of the region.

Mrs. Frank and Ms. Walter's English

English classes will be finishing up text structure, reviewing main idea, and going over paraphrasing.

Since Mrs. Martin (English) and her family will now be moving to Texas, I am excited to finish out the semester with these wonderful sixth grade students.

I have so enjoyed being back in the classroom here at Central. My previous 17 years teaching at Central hold so many happy memories.

"Once a Tiger---always a Tiger"

-Ms. Walter

Mrs. Edwards' Literacy

In literacy, we will be going over several paired reading texts. We will work on test type questions over the paired readings in preparation for the state tests coming up.

Spring Spirit Dates for Central

Tuesday, April 25

Arctic Edge

7:15 pm to 8:45 pm

14613 N Kelly Ave 748-


Thursday, April 27

Panera Bread

4:00 pm to 8:00


1472 S Bryant Ave 844-5525

Will need flyer for CMS to receive creditwatch

for flyer to come home!


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Macy Wilson at macylane.wilson@gmail.com

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