C Touch - Smart Innovation

Touch the future!

Are interactive whiteboards a thing of the past? Could a touch screen display be your new classroom choice? Come along and find out why C Touch could be the smart choice!

CTOUCH Interactive Touch Displays make it easy to create effective, eyecatching teaching materials and promote a style of active, visual-based teaching and learning that makes the classroom fun for both the teacher and students. With WOW features, and touch, pinch, swipe control, the new C touch screens allow for greater ease of use.

For whole class teaching interactivity creates a more meaningful, socially rich experience than spoken word tutorials alone. Interactive displays provide the opportunity for students to engage directly during lessons. Touch technology allows ‘hands-on’ manipulation of content, encouraging students to work collaboratively with their peers. It also provides new opportunities to share accumulated knowledge through project based learning experiences.

C touch screens are an all inclusive solution, with powerful graphics and superb sound. Utilising the sofware you already use and with some built in to maximise potential. C touch have proven to be a more cost effective way of delivering interactive display to students removing the need for separate whiteboard and projectors.

We have two sessions running on 5th May, please choose the one that best suits your interests.

1pm - 2.30pm : Come along to this session and have the opportunity to look in depth at the tools and features available. You will already have some familiarity with touch screen technology and will be able to ask questions to the experts about what it can do for you in the classroom. You will have an opportunity to see the tools and find out why it is a sensible alternative to whiteboards.

3.45 - 5pm : In this session you will have an overview of what the touch screen can do. It is suitable for those of you with no experience of touch screen displays and want to find out more. Will it be the next interactive whiteboard? What it can do for you in the classroom, and why it makes a good choice.


C Touch - Smart Innovation

Tuesday, May 5th, 1-2:30pm

Temple Park Rd

South Shields

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