Personality Project

Madeline Bearden

Personality Quizzes

1. Color Quiz

Results: creative, emotional, avoids conflict, appreciates beauty, likes to be left in peace, takes things personally.

Opinion: I thought this quiz was fairly accurate. The results made sense and were applicable, while some categories (not listed) were untrue. The quiz based its results solely on the order you chose certain colors that appeared.

2. "Big Five" Quiz

Results: highly extraverssive, moderately high agreeableness, moderately high conscientiousness, average emotionality, moderately high intellects/openness.

Opinion: I agreed with this test and found the results to be accurate. The questions were detailed (and there were a lot).

3. Personality Type

Results: (ENFP --> extroversion, intuition, feeling, perceiving.) The results said that I cope well with stress, like to create, have a talent with languages, strive to be myself, and am interested in arts.

Opinion: I thought this test was fairly accurate. Aside from having a talent with languages (ha, I can barely manange my native language sometimes), the results were debatedly true.



Concious Mind: everything that we are aware of. Includes memory and everything that we are aware of.

Preconcious Mind: ordinary memory (we can recall it if we try, but it is not readily waiting in the mind).

Unconcious Mind: feelings, thoughts, emotions, and memories that are outside of our reach. Many are unpleasant or painful. It can still influence or behaviors and decisions.

Id: present from birth; wants immediate gratificatoin of desires.

Ego: strives to satisfy the id's desires in realistic and acceptable ways.

Superego: moral standards and ideals

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