Faith Kretzer

3rd Hour

At school the activities would be volleyball,FFA


I have attended Nickerson since 8th grade then transferred to Buhler for my four high school years. One of my favorite teachers i have had would be Mrs.Oswalt (2nd Grade South Hutchinson Elementary), Mrs.Mac (7th grade science teacher Reno Valley Middle School), Mrs.Koon (8th grade English teacher RVMS), Mr.Hienline (8th grade S.S. teacher RVMS). I would like to go to College at either Penn State,OU,KU.

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My family consist of my dad Gary, my mom Rhonda, my brother Jaden, my dogs Precious and guinea pig Butterscotch.

Favorite Activities

My favorite activities would be hanging out with my best friend Amanda,volleyball,spending time with family.

Health Concerns

I don't really have any health concerns but i do have a wrist problem but I don't think that it would effect my during class.

Contact Info

Moms (Rhonda) Number- 620-728-1008

Dads (Gary) Number- 620-200-7590

Grandmas (Sherry) Number- 620-200-1947

Grandpas (Ron) Number- 620-728-8394