Seed Treatment

Watching a tiny seed open up, take root and mature into.

Gain More Control Over Your Yield

Farmers must live with a great deal of uncertainty. They cannot control when the rains come or how hot or cold it is outdoors. However, with the help of a Seed Treatment system, a farmer will find he or she can gain more control over their yield. What are some of the benefits associated with a purchase of this type?

Lower Costs

Farmers who choose to invest in a box seed treater see their costs decrease significantly. In fact, some farmers who make this investment find the system pays for itself the first year it is used. Every year after this, the profits earned are theirs to keep.

Reduced Risk

Pre-purchasing treated seed comes with a lot of risks. The farmer must estimate months in advance how much seed will be needed. Once the seed is treated, it cannot be returned, and this means a farmer may either find he or she doesn't have enough seed or has more than can be planted. In addition, the treatment used must be decided months in advance. It's hard to know this far ahead what will be required for the upcoming planting season. On-site seed treatment equipment eliminates these concerns.

Adapts to Varying Conditions

Conditions change with time. The climate may be hot and humid one year and cold and damp the next, for example. With on-site seed treatment equipment, a farmer learns they can adjust the treatment specifications for the operation each year and do so field by field to ensure a better yield.


Farmers may likewise worry that the seed they purchase hasn't been treated correctly. There is no way to check this once the seed arrives. By treating the seed on-site, a farmer finds he or she can eliminate this concern and obtain peace of mind.

Only Treat the Seed That is Needed

As mentioned above, treating seed on site ensures no seed is wasted. The farmer determines exactly what is needed, treats the seed, and plants it. If more is needed, additional seed can be treated with ease. There is no worry about a lack of seed or too much seed any longer.

Don't spend time agonizing over how much seed to order and what treatment to select. Furthermore, never put off planting simply because the treated seed hasn't arrived. By investing in seed treating equipment, a farmer finds he or she can take back control over the treatment and planting process. Farming is difficult, but this purchase makes is slightly easier. Learn more today about whether this is the right option for you.