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January 23 - January 27

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It is amazing that things you will learn when you look around and pay attention. It is also amazing how these things, no matter how big or small, can change your perspective.

A few days ago, my husband has some minor surgery at The Heart Center in Huntsville. He needed a driver, so I had the privilege of going with him :-) . While he was in surgery, I decided to move outside the waiting room to an area so that I could access the wireless and make good use of my time.

I moved to a small snack bar area. When I say small....I really mean it! The area consisted of four small tables, two open coolers, and a tiny snack bar. The snack bar area was about the size of an 8 x 8 closet. Inside the snack bar area was a wall of hanging snack items, a cash register, a stool, and one employee. As I sat there for the two hours while my husband was in surgery, I noticed the many employees, patients, and visitors come and go.

Three days later my husband had to return for a follow-up visit and I found myself, once again, in the snack bar area. I watched the same type of activity going on; however, on this day, I decided to pay more attention. I intentionally observed the female employee who was operating the snack bar. I asked myself if I could sit in an 8 x 8 area, all day, 5 days a week, and help people who were nice, grumpy, kind, or even downright rude. However, rather than sit on her stool all day feeling stuck in a closet, she moved around the area and made sure the tables were clean and tidy for the employees that would come down during lunch and enjoy their time with their coworkers. As outside food deliveries came in, she contacted employees in the building to tell them their lunch was there. I watched as she helped patients and family members and provided encouragement by saying, "Have a nice day" or "I hope things go well for you today." I noticed that she greeted each person with a smile and a pleasant demeanor. What I really noticed was that although to some, her job may be the least important in the building, it was the most important to her, and she took a great deal of pride in what she was doing.

My observations caused me to reflect on the fact that in an organization, each and every person contributes to its overall success. Although this female employee wasn't a doctor or nurse, a pharmaceutical rep. or a lab technician, or any other medical employee for that matter, she made a huge impact on the success of The Heart Center. She provided a clean area for employees to enjoy lunch and knew them all by name. She treated every person she came in contact with kindness and respect....even when some weren't so nice. In addition to keeping the snack bar going, she answered questions, gave directions, and offered to help others...even though I'm sure those things weren't in her "job description". The walls of her 8 x 8 environment did not tie her down or limit her positive influence.

So what did I gain from this experience? I was reminded how powerful one person's influence can be on the entire group. I remembered that regardless of our position, circumstances, or challenges, we have the power to be positive and make a difference wherever we are, in whatever we are doing. This experience reminded me to look for the "joy" in whatever I do and try to bring as much happiness to others as possible. I also recognized that It takes a team of individuals working together to move forward and realize success and everyone on that team has a skill and every skill is important! We are all spokes on a wheel that work together to keep moving forward!

Thank you for the skills you bring to RMS every day....your skill is important to all of us!

Monday, January 23

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Tuesday, January 24

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Wednesday, January 25

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Thursday, January 26

  • Board Meeting - RCS Board Room - 3:30 p.m.

Friday, January 27

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