Life Cycle

The ladybug starts as a small little egg for about 2-3 weeks. When they hatch they are called larva. Larva can eat up to 50 aphids a day. When they get to big for there skin the go into the pupa for 3 weeks and come out as an adult.


The ladybug has no bones it is called an exoskeleton. A ladybug has 3 main parts head, abdomen, thorax. The thorax has its wings, its 6 legs and the mussels that hold them together. The abdomen is were food is digested. You can only see the the abdomen when they open there wings to fly.


When the ladybug baby comes out of its egg it looks like a little lizard. It eats it egg when it comes out. When its a larva it has sharper jaws then an adult. A baby larva can eat more than an adult. It goes in to a pupa when it is done being a baby.


Lady bugs use bright colors to warn predators. A ladybug can pull its head into is shell and play dead. A ladybug can also inject saliva into the predator. A ladybug can also use a stink to protect its self. A ladybug can also fly away very quick.

Interesting facts

A baby lady can eat more than a adult. An a adult ladybug eats 5,000 or more aphids a day. A little larva is bigger then an adult. There is a ladybug of every color on the rainbow. Ladybugs got there name on a nursery rhyme.