4L Daily News

week of 4/04/16

Monday 4/04

Will is our new Star Student.

We have a Social Studies quiz on Friday.

Tuesday 4/05

Today we are starting the process of putting our evidence together for our literary essays.

Instead of doing a worksheet, we are doing MobyMath for homework.

Wednesday 4/06

Our field trip to Philadelphia is a week from today.

Yesterday we wrote down key facts and adjectives for our stops on the Northeast region train tour in Social Studies.

Thursday 4/07

I computers, we are taking a survey for Mr. B., and going on the TCI website to take some reading challenges to study for our Social Studies quiz.

In math, we are checking the last page of one of our PARCC packets.

Friday 4/08

After our Social Studies quiz, we are going to learn about the southeast region.

We are continuing our new math packet with our partners.

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