Mandela Library Learning Commons

April News

National Poetry Month

April is recognized as National Poetry Month. There are a number of poetry books displayed in our library. Please visit for more information.

Light it up blue on April 4th

April 2nd is recognized as World Austim Awareness Day. The board is inviting staff and students to "Light it up Blue" on April 4th to show their support.

Day of Pink - April 12th

The International Day of Pink is April 13, though due to a number of holy day observances on the same day, as a board we will be celebrating this day on April 12th. There will be a number of related resources on display in the library available for check out. Please visit for more information or resources.

Scholastic Book Fair - April 18 to April 21st

During Education Week, we will be having a school wide Scholastic Book Fair. Classes will be invited to browse the fair on April 18th and 19th. Students will be able to make purchases on April 20th and 21st, and the book fair will be open during our Education Week evening. The library will need to be closed for the week.

Forest of Reading Voting Day - April 22nd

The Forest of Reading Voting day is April 22nd. Once the book fair is packed up, classes who have read the minimum 5 Blue Spruce books will be invited to come to the library to vote for their favourite nominee.

Earth Day - April 22nd

April 22nd is recognized as Earth Day. There will be a display of related books in the library available for check out. Please see for more information and resources about this day.


We have ordered a set of butterfly larvae, which are scheduled to arrive the first week of May. The larvae will be on display in the library and classes are invited to come and visit and observe their life cycle.