Fundraiser to help out the homeless!

Come help out the homeless by donating a small amount of money!

Homelessness has become a huge problem the past couple of years. Millions of Americans are living out on the street, under bridges, in cardboard boxes, or in homeless shelters. Many people do not choose to become homeless. People become homeless because they can not get along with their family, they either abuse drugs or alcohol and have no money to spend on housing because it all goes to drugs or liquor, or people just simply lose their jobs. So, we are having a fundraiser to help these people/families out financially. If you feel like if you just donate one dollar that it will not help these people, you are wrong. Anything, absolutely anything, will help these less fortunate people. So, if you can just donate one dollar, that is fine, anything helps.

Homeless Fundraiser

Sunday, March 8th, 9:15am-8pm

1509 Bigley Ave

Charleston, WV

  • This fundraiser will be done at the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
  • All of the funds WILL go towards the less fortunate people
  • Chris Gardner, also has been homeless once in his lifetime, will be at the church to speak to everybody about his life and what he went through. Movie producers also made a movie about Chris Gardner called the 'Pursuit of Happyness'. Chris Gardner is a role model.
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