Archetype Examples

Jose Lozano and Hollee Rogers

The Manipulator: Neil Caffrey from White Collar

Description - Neil is a con man who is released from prison to help the FBI capture other con men. He works with his mentor Peter Burke who is responsible for Neil's actions within the FBI.

Explanation of Archetype - Neil is a manipulator because he tries to manipulate other people into doing what he wants. If he wanted a con man to make a mistake to get caught by the FBI Neil is able to persuade that con man into making that mistake.

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The Benefactor: Kathryn Avery from Grey's Anatomy

Description: In the show Kathryn is the founder of a huge foundation that provides awards for doctors who are changing the world of medicine. Kathryn and her foundation own a lot of money. The hospital in the tv show is going bankrupt, and Kathryn's son Jackson works there. She doesn't want her son to lose his job, so she thinks of a way to help the hospital keep their doors open.

Explanation of Archetype- Kathryn Avery from the show Grey's Anatomy can be used as a benefactor in the show. Kathryn comes up with an idea. She gives them the money they need to help their hospital stay alive. She is used as the benefactor in this case. Without her help and her money the hospital would close, all of the doctors would lose their jobs, less lives would be saved, and there would not be a tv show.

The Mistreated: Gru from Despicable Me

Description - Gru is a "villain" who is trying to make the best crime ever. You begin to see that he is not what he seems when he adopts three girls and begins to care for them.

Explanation of Archetype - Gru is misunderstood because you realize that he doesn't want to be bad. All that Gru wants to do is make his mother proud of something that he achieved because he has never been able to make her proud in his entire life.

Despicable me Gru's mom