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Dasong Shin Period 3

Earthquake PBL

Tony Stark PBL Project

Driving Question: How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story house in Calufornia for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

What it is...

Earthquake project was one of the main things we did in 6th grade science. In this project, we learned to build stable and sturdy house for Tony Stark that would withstand earthquakes. We made a California maps which indicates the places with the most earthquakes occurring or the least. For building the model for the house, I was grouped with Fernanda, Raneem, and Breanna and we built this fabulous model for the house for Tony Stark. As I hoped, our model was not destroyed at our final test of the shake table, which was referring to the earthquakes we would have in nature.

Atmosphere 30hands Project

For unit 4, we did the Atmosphere 30hands project. From this project, we learned about global warming, climate change, greenhouse effect, and so much more. We also interacted with a new app called 30hands. According to the questions we were given to complete on Haiku, we created PicCollage as the slides for our 30hands presentation.

Atmosphere 30hands Presentation link

This is the link to my actual Atmosphere 3ohands presentation. The app we used for the presentation is 30 hands and it had slides that we created through PicCollage.

Invention Convention

Invention Convention is a project where we are using renewable resources to reduce fossil fuels. I am in the same team as Natalie Ho and we are using the hydroelectric power to power up our robot, TrashBayMax.

The problem this robot solves is ocean being polluted by the trash thrown by people. The trash in ocean has already affected the ocean living organisms and are decreasing the population of some animals, such as seals.

Our invention, TrashBayMax, detects trash with its sensors and picks the trash with its claws. Then, the robot picks the trash in the trash storage though the opening on the top. Later, if the storage is full, the machine locates itself and goes back on the surface to empty the storage out.