Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Vivi


In 1854, 4023 women travelled to Ballarat compared to 12066 men. 5% of the women were single. More and more women came onto the goldfield to help their husband.

Children came with there parents to the goldfields. Most wre born during the goldfield. 1200 chilren were on the goldfield.

Children and education

Children change schools very often because there parents work extremely hard. They find it hard to have education because they have to move penty of time. It was diffcult for children to study arithmetic, read and write.

Women were unable to teach their children because they didn't have a good education themselves all they didn't know much english. Women were busy every day and did not have time to teach their chidren because they needed to relax. Some women were able to teach in shady trees or in tents or in a built school.


Women died when they had had a child because there was no medicare assistant or hospital.Women died because of measles,tyoids,diptheria and whooping coughing. Women

were dung underground in a chemetery.

Children died when they were given birth by there mothers. Children also died by drinking dirty water from the lakes and rivers. Furthermore, children also die by diseases. The children that died was put in a child chemetery.

Roles and Responsibilities

Some women stayed home and some went to work.Women went to work as shopkeepers.They sold mattresses ,chairs,blankets and cooking untensils. Women that stayed home did cooking,ironing,chopping wood and helping men build houses if they dont have one. They made clothes,bread,jam and soap.
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