Is the death of Millions really necessary?

Total Death Count in The Great War

Near 9 Million Soldiers died in WWI

- 1. 4 million French Died

- 900,000 British Died

- 2.7 million Russians Died

Many more died in other countries as well.

Its a lot like, Dulce et Decorum Est


Dear Annie,

Fighting this war is a living hell. Constant bombardment from the Jerry's, has lead to many casualties in my unit. We started with 50 strong prideful men, now there are 11 including me. Since we can't get them out we must live with our fallen comrades as their corpse slowly decays into the earth and eaten by rats. I saw a rat about the size of a small dog dragging a hand back to his den. The worst form of attack is the poison gas. During one gas attack I got my mask on a quick as possible. I noticed a lad drowning in his own blood because he was unable to get his on in time. Poor lad we just came to the frontline as well. Its a hard life here. I wish to come home soon. We have an attack next morning where we march right into a wall of fire in hopes of getting to their trench and killing them.

I love and miss you very much,

PFC Landough

WWI - Verdun Battle, THE FIGHT!.MUST SEE!