The Volcano Resort

Where all your volcano dreams come true!

Welcome To the Volcano Resort

Welcome to the Volcano Resorts where all your volcano dreams com true! There is an adults only Soothing Shield Spa and Resorts, a family action packed Cinder cone camping site, and the Combo Composite Adventures Resort and Campsite that is enjoyable for all ages. All of these Resorts will have it's own, unique activities depending on the volcano resort. Please come and have a blast! (Not only for children, but for adults as well.)

Soothing Shield Spa and Resort

The Soothing Shield Spa and Resort is a great place for adults to relax and enjoy their vacation without children interrupting. Here there are only adults and no exploding distractions. This is a chance for adults to relax in the lava whirlpool, enjoy the lava rock massage, and drink at the Oozing Lava Restaurant. The restaurant serves drinks from the lava fountain that oozes from underground. The Soothing Shield Spa and Resort contains the largest hotel out of the three. The walls made of molten rock keeps the temperatures nice and warm. Your room will slowly expand as the lava layers making the hotel even larger. For each night, it is $200 in Lava bills and $300 in dollar bills. Adults, come and enjoy the relaxation!

Exploding Cinder Cone Campsite

Come join us in an adventure packed camping experience.If you are part of a family that enjoys camping this is the right place for you. Here, families all have a blast. There is an exploding ash pit, the bombing hiking trails, the cinder slide, and the ash ball fight zone. The exploding ash pit allows families of all ages to play in a pit full of ash, while there are explosions big and small. The bombing hiking trails are easy going hiking trails that have surprising bomb explosions on the way. The cinder slide is the tallest slide and allows everyone to go on the slide. Last, but not least the ash ball fight zone is a flat land full of ash where you throw the ash at people; similar to the snowball fight. There are restraunts and campsites where the whole family can enjoy. For each night including the campsite space, it is $350 in Lava bills and $500 in dollar bills. Bring your families to get the greatest action packed experience and adventure!

Combo Composite Adventure Resort and Campsite

Come to the action packed, but soothing Combo Composite Adventures! Here we have a combination of both the Soothing Shield and the Exploding Cinder cone. A few of the most popular activities here are the Lazy Lava River, The Oozing Lava Spa, the cinder and Lava Rapids, and the Ash trampoline. The activities mainly for the Oozing Lava is only during the summer and the activities only for Ash Fun is only in the winter. The activities alternate. Although expensive it is worth the money. Adults can send their children off to the Composite drop off where the children have a blast with experts while adults enjoy relaxation. How great is that! Both adults and children have a blast here at the Combo Composite adventures. There are hotels and campsites that are 5 star rated. For each night at the hotel, it is $700 in lava bills and $850 in dollar bills. In the campsite it is $600 in lava bills and $750 in dollar bills. Come and you won't regret it!