May News

Mr H's Class, 5/11/16

Plants, Pollination, and Engineering Hand Pollinators

We are currently learning about plants, pollination, and seed growth. The students have been very engaged and are enjoying the learning. One of our activities was designing hand pollinators that a person could use to pollinate flowers. They had some really great designs that will be on display during STEM night. If you look really closely at the group picture you can see the hand pollinators they are holding. Much more apparent is how excited they are;) I also added a picture that a student brought in from a parent. What a great picture of a flower and a pollinator!

Upcoming Field Trips

We have three more field trips for the end of the year connected to our science curriculum.

Look for Permission Slips on May 11th

-On May 23rd we will be going to the Newberry Crater National Monument to visit the Lava River Caves and walk along the Molten River Trail. This field trip will deepen our understanding of our local landforms and the impact that volcanoes have in our region.

-On June 7th we will be going to Ryan Ranch to study plants and pollinators that live in a ecosystem close to a river.

In addition to these field trip we will do several more walking field trips to Big Sky Park. Look for permission slips and volunteer information for the May 23rd and June 7th field next week.

Homework Celebrations and Next Steps

Students are doing a great job bringing their homework back to school every day. Please support your student in finishing all of their howework by the Monday deadline. Thinse includes the following:
-4 days of reading
-1 page writing about reading
-Math packet

Please let me know if there are extenuating circumstances that are making the homework a challenge. I have no problem being flexible:)

Teacher Appreciation Week

I would like to thank the families and especially all the students for being so appreciative this week. It is wonderful to feel so well supported by the community. I am dutifully eating all the candy that I have received piece by piece.

STEM Week May 31-June 3rd

STEM week is our annual celebration of all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Look for more information as this exciting week approaches!

Buckingham Newsletter

Here is the link to our school parent newsletter.