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February 2014

Creating Fibonnaci Valentines via Cwist

Things You Need:

construction paper, scissors, glue, pencil, ruler

Things to do: (see INSTRUCTIONS HERE)

Are you ready to learn about Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio? The Fibonacci Sequence is the series of numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … can you figure out the next number? Here's a hint: each number is the sum of the two numbers before it. These numbers occur in music, nature and art - in the form of the golden ratio! Check out these videos to see the Fibonacci numbers in the golden ratio.

Send a Math Valentine

Send a Math-O-Gram with Desmos

Here is yours Valentine from GCCTM


*Registration can be paid at the door on day of event.

GCCTM Super STEM Saturday

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 9am-3pm

Eastside High School 1300 Brushy Creek Road Taylors SC

Elementary, Middle & High Sessions for Math Teachers

Registration fees

(includes lunch for middle & high teachers and snacks & TI-15 for elementary teachers)

  • Members $10
  • Non-members $15

Professional Development Points available for all sessions - TECHNOLOGY PROFICIENCY!

How to Learn Math 2014

Last summer Stanford Professor Jo Boaler taught a course through Stanford’s online platform showing the latest research on ways to teach mathematics effectively. It was hugely successful, with over 40,000 registrations for the course and national news coverage.

At the end of the course, 93% of participants said they were “very” or “extremely” satisfied and 95% said they would change their teaching or ways of helping children as a result. The teachers came equally from elementary, middle and high school grades. At the end of the course many teachers said they particularly appreciated the number of practical methods they had learned and that could immediately use in classrooms. Many teachers and parents described the course as “life changing.”

The course is now being re-released, ... click below for more

Conceptions and Misconceptions About Graphs via Desmos Blog

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We know it’s important for students to connect different representations of relationships together – linking a table of values to its graph and its algebraic representations, for example. Representing and interpreting relationships between variables is an important skill even for students who do not study math beyond high school. Of all possible ways to represent these relationships, Team Desmos is partial to graphs.

But students struggle with graphs in several ways. We have seen that students struggle with rate, and how rates are represented in graphs. In 1938, an editorial might have argued the economy was in terrible shape because United States unemployment was 17% that year. Another might have argued that the situation was getting better because yes, unemployment was high, but its rate of change was negative.


GCCTM Spring Banquet April 29

General Reminder, dont forget to save the date April 29, GCCTM Spring Banquet at Brickstreet Cafe Downtown Greenville.

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