Benjamin Franklin

Kyle Birkmire


Do you know who Ben Franklin was? Ben was born in the 1700s and was going to grow up to accomplish a lot. Disagreement between the England and the American colonies developed. Ben Franklin made a lot of achievements. In the United States Ben was important.

Early Life

On a farm in Massachusetts there is a kid who will grow up to be a great man. Ben was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. He was the fifteenth child. Ben went to school for two years. Then his dad kept him home at the age of ten to help him in his candle and soap shop. He studied and mastered French,German,Italian,Latin, and Spanish. Ben's early life was good but later on he accomplish a lot.

Franklin and The Taxes

Disagreement between England and the American colonies developed. Ben was in England when taxes were brewing. Disagreement between England and the American colonies developed. Ben was drawn more and more into politics. Ben argued that extra taxes where illegal. The tax law was finally abolished. Ben helped abolish extra taxes but he abolished a lot more.

Bens Achievements!

Ben Franklin established a lot in his days. Ben was one of the founding fathers of the United States. Ben made Pennsylvania's first hospital. He proved lightning was a huge electric spark. Ben established Pennsylvania's first public library, and fire department. He also wrote most of the Poor Richards Almanac. Ben Franklin had lots of achievements and was very important.


You now know how Ben Franklin was. Ben had a good childhood. Later, he disagree with extra taxes. After that, Ben had lots of achievements. Ben was very important in the United States.


Abolished- to officially end or stop something

Established- to begin or create (something is meant to last for a long time)

Poor Richards-an almanac (1732-58) written and published by Ben Franklin


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