Mrs. Wetsel's Counseling Corner


Meet Mrs. Wetsel

My name is Brianne Wetsel. Many of you have seen me around the hallways or in the classrooms at Oak Hills over the past 5 years. Although I am in my 21st year in education, this is my first year as an Elementary School Counselor. I have worked with students PreK-6th grades between 4 different schools. I love teaching, laughing, reading, the beach, and helping kids feel loved, safe, and seen. I'm excited to get started in this new capacity and feel lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderfully inclusive community. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. I'm here to help you!

What Is An Elementary School Counselor?

Elementary counselors seek to support students in three key domains: academic skills, personal/social skills, and career-based skills. These three domains serve as a foundation to future success. It is important to note that counselors do not work in isolation; rather, we are a part of the educational team. Any plan, support, or intervention provided by your school counselor is just one piece of the puzzle.
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How Can My Student See The Counselor

Adults at home and teachers are welcome to refer a student to see Mrs. Wetsel. Students in grades 4th through 6th grade are also allowed to refer themselves.

Adults at home will always be made aware of a counselor visit.
  • One time visit: A letter home in child's backpack.
  • Two or more visits: A phone call or email from the school counselor.
  • Ongoing support: Ongoing communication with parent/guardian.
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