What's the Buzz?!?

November 30, 2015

What a week to be Thankful!

Last week, though very short, was a great week! My first Grandparent's Day was awesome- I loved seeing how all of you interacted with our guests, and most importantly how full of pride our students were when showing their grandparents/grand friends their school. A HUGE thanks to Julie Goshe for all of her work in organizing such a fun day. Thanks also to Colleen for preparing all of the musical selections- our students sounded beautiful and I know that it was meaningful to all who were in the audience. This day was truly was made possible by all of your hard work in each of your classrooms and a true testament to the work you do each day with our students!

5 Minutes for Faith

This quote really resonated with me this week. I think as educators we spend so much time helping our students to see what their light is and encouraging them to let it shine that we forget to foster that light inside ourselves. I hope that you can take some time this week to let the students see where you really shine and what makes your light special! Have a wonderful week!

Thank you!

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your patience as our teacher pages entered the final steps of construction this week. I know that this situation hasn't been ideal but I appreciate your support of this important endeavor. Mr. Hammer is currently working with Shelly Ivey on the final stages of the pages. I think we all owe Shelly a special thank you for all of the countless hours she has put in to making the teacher pages functional, and a wonderful tool for our parents. Believe me when I say that they would have not gotten done with out her! THANK YOU SHELLY!