"Find the Light"

Penn (the Quaker leader of the Pennsylvania settlement) signed a treaty with the chief of the Leni Lenape tribe that was constricted only by the standard of how "long the water flows and the sun shines and grass grows". This treaty was made complete by the exchange of wampum belts.

My Story

I was one of the many who chose to venture with Mr. Penn to the New World. I purchased 100 acres for only 40 shillings and made plans to bring my family: wife, two sons, and daughter. We spent just under three months traveling the seas on the Welcome before finally landing in New Castle, then made our way the next day to Philadelphia. We formed our government in 1682 in turn creating a upper and lower house of legislation in our Frame of Government. After William Penn returned to England in 1684, trouble began to surface within the houses which eventually led to his return in 1686. After his return, Penn established the Charter of Privileges, that was finally passed in 1701.