Children's Rights

My Opinions

My Opinions for Fundamental Rights

1.Children Should not lack of food from Parents, or Guardians.

2.Children Should also not lack of Water from Parents, or Guardians.

3.Children Should not have to go to war and fight, if they are under 18 years of age. Otherwise they'll die young.

4.Children Should not be sold, or abandoned. Because it's just not right.

5.Children Should not have to do work, that is in any way dangerous.

More Opinions

6.Children Should be able to speak up for things. And have an opinion.

7.Children Should have access to shelter. And be cared for.

8.Children Should not be able to take physical abuse from Parents, or Guardians. Otherwise they would get harmed, obviously.

9.Children Should be able to be educated at school, no matter what. Otherwise they won't be able to buy a home when there older.

10.Children that have Parents, or Guardians in other countries, should be allowed to travel back, and forth through those countries. So that they can keep in touch.



Children Matter!

These Rights are Most definitely necessary!

Use these Rights!

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