February 1st, 2019 Newsletter

Valley Oaks School

Please Note:

Important dates are at the end of this newsletter.

First to Complete Community Service!

Congratulations to Lucas Adelman (pictured left) and to April Adelman! They are the first to complete their 5-hour community service requirement for this new semester! April volunteered as an usher at Cinnabar Theater, a non-profit organization. April, an actor in his spare time, said it was a lot of fun because everyone was very appreciative and he got to watch the show a couple of times. Lucas has been volunteering and continues to volunteer at Petaluma Community Access TV station. PCA TV is a non-profit that gives Petaluma residents a voice on cable TV. Lucas has advanced digital and media skills that they have gladly put to use. Thanks, April and Lucas, for finding meaningful opportunities and following through on them!

Please don't wait until May to start thinking about this requirement. Do yourself a favor and complete your 5 hours early. Remember that you have signed an Agreement that the course you are doing with your Assigned Teacher (for community service) cannot be closed until you give your Verification Form to them.

Many seniors are very close to graduating - Congratulations!!!

Soon-to-be Bell Ringer, senior Deborah Arango, is pictured here near the Bell Ringing Ceremony props. Deborah will be graduating almost a full semester early. A VOS Bell Ringing Ceremony is a fun option and an important way to mark-the-occasion for all graduates!

This is our list of students who are on the home stretch to finishing high school:
  1. Deborah Arango - just finished on 1/29!!!
  2. Preston Ashton
  3. Ethan Carbone
  4. Charlene Campton
  5. LoraLai DePriest
  6. Mikayla Galbraith
  7. Kelly Garcia
  8. Cece Illingworth
  9. Jacqueline Jones
  10. Michelle Mendoza - just finished on 1/29!!!
  11. Jessica Rue Coulman
  12. Lydia Williams - just a couple of weeks away or less!
  13. Jordan Zajonc
We look forward to doing our fun Bell Ringing Ceremony with these students! This is a voluntary 20-minute or so celebration with all the staff, the student, and whomever the student invites.

Students working on a-g courses and setting-their-sights on a university directly after graduation co-enroll to achieve that goal.

  • 9th grader, Brenda Amador: studying for the SRJC Validation Examination for Spanish 1 - (an option for students to earn the college credits without taking the semester-long course!)
  • 10th grader, Ian Peracca: Spanish 1 at the JC
  • 10th graders Kailey Kroyer and Teja Burgess: Honors Math 3 at Casa.
  • 10th grader Kailey Kroyer: Spanish 2 through BYU (BYU has online high school courses)
  • 9th grader, Nicholas Barajas: Spanish 1 at PHS
  • 10th grader Devin Jones: last semester did Sign Language at the JC, and this semester is taking Financial Accounting
  • 10th grader, Jayley Jackson: college prep choir at PHS
  • 11th grader, Jade Polaski: French 1 at the JC
  • 11th grader, Paige Williams: Chemistry at PHS
  • 12th grader, Marissa Barredo: Chemistry and Pre-Calculus at the JC

Consider making an appointment to meet with our College and Career School Counselor, Mr. Jamerson.

Each week there are various times blocked off on his calendar for Valley Oaks students and/or parents interested in meeting with him.

To schedule an appointment with Mr. Jamerson, simply click on this link HERE to access his calendar which has all of his available appointment times.

An Excellent Opportunity for all PCS Students...

Come join us for the Innovations Showcase! This is an opportunity for all PCS students, from TK all the way to 12th grade, to display their work to the community and share what their interests and talents are. In previous years, student projects have included photography, coding, ink drawing, robotics, dance, music and so much more. The sky really is the limit at the Innovations Showcase!

The Innovations Showcase will be held on February 28th, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. in the Petaluma Community Center located at Lucchesi Park. The registration deadline is February 15th, 2019. VIP Guests will be attending to interview the students about their projects and presenting them with certificates. We hope to see you there!

Registration and more information can be found on the district website: https://www.petalumacityschools.org/innovations

You can always view past newsletters which are posted on our school website.

click HERE

IMPORTANT Valley Oaks dates for February:

All Month: By the end of the month, each student needs to present to one of their teachers

during one of their appointments, the progress they

have made on their Digital Portfolio.

(All students and one or more family member are required to attend

Open House Night which is on May 9, from 6pm-7pm. During this

event, students will present their final drafts of their Digital Portfolios

to their family member. Students can find the instructions for this

assignment on our school website.)

February through Mid-March: If you are in 7th or 9th grade, Mrs. Parker will be contacting you

to schedule a time to complete the California Physical Fitness test

with her before Mid-March. It takes about 20 minutes

or less to do the mile run and then another 20 minutes

to complete the other 5 tests: shoulder stretch, sit and reach, push ups,

curl ups, and trunk lift. Go to this link HERE to find short videos for each

of the 6 components of the test.

2/8/19, Friday: Group #1's P.E. Group Work Out, 2:30 - 4pm (rain or shine)

2/11/19, Monday: Holiday in honor of Lincoln.; School is closed.

2/18/19, Monday: Holiday in honor of Washington; School is closed.

2/22/19, Friday: Group #2's P.E. Group Work Out, 2:30 - 4pm (rain or shine)

Our Valley Oaks School website has the important dates for the entire school year.