To Follow One's Morals

Courtney Bernard English 11A H

Thesis Explanation

Despite all three protagonists knowing how the decisions they make affect their future, they do it anyway, for the sake of what they believe in. They all find their own personal morals more valuable than those of any other.


I chose this topic because I personally can relate to it. Everyone has morals in which they believe in or abide by. However, being able to not conform oneself to what others think is right is difficult.


Equality lives in such a uniform dystopia and often felt as though he did not belong because he was more different than anyone else. After discovering the light bulb, he hoped that the World Council would not discriminate him for believing that he has more power and knowledge over his other brothers. However, he truly knew that everyone would benefit from his invention, so he went along and did it anyway.

The Lathe Of Heaven

George Orr has the ability to change reality with the dreams that he has. This may result in positive changes such as ending the plague, but it may also result in negative changes such as his aunt getting in a bad car accident. Because of this, he went to see a dream specialist who was recommenced by high authority. Throughout his sessions, Dr. Haber, the specialist, always used George because he found a way to control his dreams using his own invention, the "Augmentor." Once George began to catch on to what Dr. Haber was doing, he began to reconsider if trying to get help was even worth it. A close friend tried convincing him to leave and give up, but George knew that if he did not get the help he needed, bad things would continue to happen. He stuck to his opinion and stayed with Dr. Haber.


Tally lives in a futuristic dyspotia where technology has increased tremendously. Once everyone turns sixteen, they have to endure a strenuous procedure where they reconstruct their faces to be more socially acceptable. Although, there are few people who do not agree with this way of living and they run away to a hidden place called the "Smoke." Tally was introduced to the "Smoke" by a new friend, Shay, who is going to run away there. Once "Special Circumstances" finds out that Tally knows where it is located, they blackmail her into going there with a tracking device to capture all of the escapees or else she will never be able to become pretty. Because of this, she now has to make a decision which will impact her future greatly. She has to chose between staying true to her best friend and not telling their hiding spot, or side with "Special Circumstances" and become pretty like she had always dreamed. In the end, she was able to come up with a master plan to get the best of both worlds. She did not want to ruin others' lives while she also did not want to ruin her own.

Anthem Quotes:

"Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision."

  • Equality had nothing for him but his invention.
  • If they did not approve, he knew that bad things would happen.
  • He did not want to bring International into it because he cared about him and did not want to take him down with him.

"The question isn't who's going to let me, it's who's going to stop me."

  • Equality felt as though he was doing the right thing
  • He finds his morals more valuable over any authority

The Lathe of Heaven Quotes:

“The end justifies the means. But what if there never is an end? All we have is means.”

  • George went through a tough situation but still believes that it is the journey that matters. not the end result

“This was the way he had to go; he had no choice. He had never had any choice. He was only a dreamer.”

  • George felt like he made the right decision.
  • If he were to give up on Dr. Haber, he would probably be still having the nightmares

Uglies Quotes:

"I can't help you," Tally said. "I made a promise."

  • Tally promised Shay that she would not tell anyone where the "Smoke" is located
  • Even though Tally knew that there was a possibility of never seeing Shay again, she still finds keeping her promises very important

"She wondered how many other spies the Specials had blackmailed into looking for the Smoke, how many times they'd come close to finding it. She wanted to tell David what they were up to, but how? She couldn't explain that she had come here as a spy, or David would never trust her again."

  • Are the "Special Circumstances" playing her?
  • Tally wondered if they already knew where the "Smoke" was and they were just testing her
  • She still kept her promise


All three protagonists found their own values more important than anyone else's. With Equality's invention, George's nightmares, and Tally's promise, they all chose to take the path in which they felt with right. Even though the path may be bumpy, they knew it would be worth their while.