Room 604 News

May 16-20


Science Fair Projects are DUE on Monday. Students may bring their boards inside the classroom before school. The written report (scientific journal) needs to be submitted through google classroom.

I have some special thank you shout outs to our super science parents of the week: Mrs. Conlee, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Christian, and Mrs. Coca. It was a week of work for these kids. The garden was over grown with weeds. We made a small dent, but I still figure we pulled thousands of weeds. If we all pulled 30 a day with 30 of us, that makes 900, five days worth would be 4,500. I think if we did that each week, there would still be more to pull. It was fun composting, planting, maintaining, and harvesting in the garden.

Testing continues this week. Our focus will be on math.

I will be at the district office on Wednesday.

OPEN HOUSE is this Thursday from 6-7. Join your child as your tour guide and look at the awesome science fair projects, art portfolios, technology (coding project) and some other stuff to catch a glimpse of what's been going on lately.

Language Arts

We are currently working on a project that will be presented at Open House on Thursday. This involves research and presenting as informative writing and sequence of events/chronological order (timelines).

Next week, we will begin reading C.S.Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. If your child has a copy, please have them bring it in. You may also choose to check it out at the library. I don't expect you to purchase it, but you may, or download it onto a tablet for access if you wish. It is not mandatory to have a copy. We will be listening to a narration of the novel, but it is nice to have modeled fluency if they are following along. This will conclude before the final AR test cut off on June 10. It is worth 6 AR points.


We will continue to do some year long review while we are taking the math tests this week. For any extra practice in math, I encourage the use of TenMarks.


Students will be sharing their boards throughout the week.

On Thursday, we will have third and fourth grade guests in our classroom. The fifth graders will be able to show off their hard work to many audiences.

I will try to sneak a little more about the rock cycle and weathering/erosion through videos this week before the science test NEXT Monday and Tuesday.

Social Studies

This area will be swapped out with some technology this week, as we have the computers and then we won't for the next three weeks. Students will have an opportunity to code a game that you will be playing at Open House.