Auction Week & Finale Event

Auction Team Updates (Week 6)

Focus for the Week

  1. Donations - think about your connections and start asking for help
  2. Donations - help with the company list of donation providers. Send in updates or add info to the spreadsheet.
  3. Create excitement - start talking to friends and neighbors about the auction and create some buzz around the event


I am hearing some good news from a few of our volunteers regarding donations. A few big wins these last two weeks:

  • T-Bones specifics tbd (donated two of our top producing donation items last year)
  • Urban Air - two fun packs for 4 jumpers each, wrist bands and shirts included
  • Toys R Us - gift card for $100
  • First Watch - gift card
  • Chick Fila - two gift baskets
  • Legacy Limo - certificate
  • Planet Sub - gift cards for Auction envelopes
  • Bristol - gift card

The auction is 6 weeks away but our auction donation collection time is only 4-5 weeks. Several companies will need 30 days to consider donations so earlier the better to start asking.

Restaurants that do not have a Yes or No for donations, need to be contacted by phone. If you don't want to make a call, help out by looking up phone numbers and add to the spreadsheet. Most companies (restaurants included) are pretty open to giving you the correct person to talk to or email for donations. If you can reach out to 1-2 companies a day, that is a big help.

Please remember to update the spreadsheet or send me an email if you have contacted a company or have a new one to add. Especially notify me if you have received a donation item. As soon as the donation items are in, I will add the company name to the website with the other auction donors.

Again, check the company spreadsheet for the most up to date information. (link is below)

Let's aim for 100 donation companies by the end of the month. We are close to 80 companies already!

Looking for items

We are looking for the following items/services for the auction. If you have a good contact or reference, or if you have access to needed items please let me know as well.

Auctioneer - we have an auctioneer for the Finale Event but travel schedule may cause a few hiccups. I have another two potential backups outside of the school but would be great if we could find a parent to help out instead.

Graphic Designer - I know a few of our volunteers are not technical savvy but if you are good at creating promotional pieces - flyers, signage for Finale Event, etc. please let me know. My power point skills can only go so far.

Gold Envelopes - size #10, quantity 150. These will be for the envelopes at the Finale Event. I have a second option but would be great if we can help them standout and match the gold theme.

Photo Booth - In the past we had a photo area to take pictures on your own. Its fun to have a take away from an event and photo booth printouts are a good one.

Again, these items are not priority items (except for auctioneer) but wanted to ask and see if anyone had a good connection for these items. You never know until you ask!

Coming Up Soon

Promotions for the auction are tentatively planned for the first week of October. Signage will go up at the school and the first flyer will be sent home with students.

Next week I should have updates on Classroom Art Projects and Classroom Baskets.

Decorations will be evaluated for the finale event next week. Table decorations, photo spot area and auction table signage need to be finalized. Keep a lookout on Sign Up Genius to help with these items. (Expect to paint and add glitter!)

Past Updates

Click on the link for last updates.
Week 7 update

Thank You for Volunteering

Looking forward to a great event!

Heather Novacky