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My review of the Joy & Joe baby SMP Midnight Rainbow woven wrap (100% Egyptian cotton, 250gsm)

By: Hanna Welin (@hannastaaar)

Hi! My name is Hanna. I am 24 years old and I live in Sweden with my husband and our 7 months old baby boy, our dog and cat (Powderpuff and Sphynx).

We started our babywearing journey when our son was one month old because we were inspired by a friend of ours who wears her son, and also it seemed like a great idea to be able to wear our son come winter instead of getting stuck in the snow with our stroller. We started off with a stretchy wrap but quickly swapped it for a MT. Now, we have 2 MT’s, and 3 woven wraps and I have become quite the little wrap addict and I am also a sucker for skull patterns (our first woven was a Lenny Lamb Day of the dead) so you can understand my excitement when we were chosen to test this gorgeous SMP Midnight Rainbow.

When I picked up the wrap from the previous tester my anticipations was really high, my heart was actually racing with excitement as I was already in love with the pattern. I have never even seen a Joy & Joe wrap before so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. What struck me the most when I opened the package was the vibrant colors! Pictures cannot really do them justice and I love the way the sculls stand out. I was really surprised when I took the first photos of it as it looked very shimmery in some of the pictures. I did not see it as shimmery in real life though but the colors really brighten up the room. The bag it comes in is really cute and you could actually use it as a bag in your everyday life since it is a real bag and not “just” a pouch.

The wrap felt amazingly soft and my son cuddled with it right away. He seemed to really like it! We immediately did a quick testwrapping and I was very surprised about the grip it has. It is so soft and feels very nice in your hands but when you start to wrap with it, it holds your baby right in place, it doesn’t slide one bit. That feature also made it very easy to wrap with, I did a kangaroo carry with tie under bum and it was supereasy.

That afternoon I tried my first ever backcarry! I figured it would be a perfect wrap for it considering the bullet proof grip it has and boy was I right. I got my son up on my back and he was sound asleep before I could even finish the tie. I made the seat with ease and the wrap pretty much did the job for me as it held him in place for me during the tie. I finished with a CCCB (candy cane chest belt) and it stayed perfectly in place. I must say I am really proud of myself, my husband wasn’t even there to help and it went so great. I could even untie him when I got tired and rewrap him in a kangaroo front carry instead and he didn’t even wake up. That definitely says something about the sleepydust this wrap comes with. It is flawless!

During my three days I used this wrap a lot. I put all my other wraps aside and went all in with this one and it was up for the task. We did housework, cleaning and such, and we went for walks with the dog both short and longer ones, we used it at bedtime, where the sleepydust came in handy and neither me, nor my husband have had any pain or weariness in our backs/shoulders. I felt a teeny tiny bit in my shoulders after the back carry but I think that has more to do with the fact that I am not used to carry like that. I would also like to add that when you tie it, it stays like that. Exactly like that! I even felt like I could do a simple knot instead of a double knot as a finish (of course I did do a double knot at all times, safety first!).

When I did a stash-shot I took the opportunity to compare it with my Solnce London Soho since that one is also made from 100% Egyptian cotton. I thought they would be quite similar to each other but there are differences. SMP Midnight Rainbow is a bit rougher when you compare them but that also makes it easier to tie with since the grip holds everything in place making the passes easier. And though it’s rougher it still is very, very soft and it is also easy to fold.

I would recommend this wrap for everyone, beginner wrappers or experienced, this wrap is great for all. I do not know how it is for toddlerwearing though, but I can imagine it is good for that too because it made my 7 month 7.7 kilo boy weigh nothing at all. I wore him for hours during our photoshoot and didn’t even feel it. Also the wrap stayed perfectly in place the whole time so I never had to retie which is a big plus in my opinion! It looked great with a pair of jeans and I think it looks great with most color clothes. I mostly wear black and with an all-black outfit this wrap will really pop. It is a real eyecatcher! Oh, and it also looked great with my tattoo!

The last thing we did was having my husband try it out. He loved it just as much as I did and he really liked the support it gave while wearing (and the scull pattern didn’t hurt, haha) and also we took some pictures when I wore it with the odd side out and in my opinion it is just as gorgeous on that side but in a different way. It’s almost like having two wraps in one since the odd side is much darker.

My conclusion is that this is a great wrap and I would recommend it to everyone. We wished we could keep it but sadly it has now flown on to the next tester and we miss it already. Thank you for bearing with me, I know I can get a bit carried away when I’m excited wink emoticon


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Hanna testing Joy & Joe SMP midnight rainbow babywrap
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