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Memorial Elementary School Newsletter

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” - Doug Larson

Save the Date (s):


1 Little Caesar Pizza pick-up

6 Memorial PTO Night at Culvers

6 VCS Orchestra Recruiting Concert - 4th Grade

7 VCS Band Recruiting Concert - 5th Grade

7 Firefighter Phil visits Kindergarten through Grade 4

12 PTO Meeting at 3:30 p.m.

14 Kindergarten Round Up at Memorial (9:15-10:30 or 1:15-2:30)

14 Gr. 2 Study Trip to Merrillville Planetarium

14 & 28 Kindness Keepers Meet

15 PTO Carnival

22 School will be in session for the Snow Make-up Day

22 Kindergarten Study Trip to Barnes & Noble

25-29 TV Turn-off Week - (see below for more information)


3 All School Music Program for all students in grades 1-5 at Valparaiso High School

AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS - Follow this schedule - After School Sports

Kindergarten Round-Up

If you have an incoming Kindergarten student, please save the date for Thursday, April 14 for Kindergarten Round-up. A child must be 5 by August 1 to register for Kindergarten for the 16-17 school year. For more information go to the Valparaiso Community Schools website.

Nutrition News

Did you know that you can view and manage your family cafeteria account and make payments online? Skyward Family Access allows you to view each of your child’s purchases and payments. You can set spending limits, request email low balance reminders, make payments and more. Sign in to Skyward and click the Food Service tab on the left. School Messenger will also contact parents by telephone weekly to alert them of negative cafeteria balances.

Need help? Call Food and Nutrition Services 219-531-3050 and we will be happy to assist you.

Open PTO positions for 2016-2017 School Year

Below are the open positions for the 2016-2017 school year. If you are interested in filling these or finding out more information about any of these positions, please contact Kathy Danzi at or Mrs. Misecko.

Board Positions – (each position is for 2 years)

President - Work with the principal to help ensure that all PTO activities are completed. Help create the PTO calendar for the school year. Prepare for and lead all PTO meetings. Work with all other board members and thank all volunteers for their time and effort.

Treasurer – Ensure all PTO financial records are completed and up to date. Collect all money for all school fundraisers. Remit all bills and reimbursements. Present the budget at monthly PTO meetings.

Committee Chairpersons – (each position is for 1 year)

5th Grade Celebration – Organize a fun day for the 5th grade as they leave elementary school.

Grandparents Reception – Organize goodies for grandparents the last day of the Book Fair.

Box Tops – Collect the box tops throughout the year and mail to the perspective companies.

Family Nights – Organize monthly or bimonthly dinners at local restaurants.

SNL – 4th and 5th grade fun filled night. Help plan and organize parent volunteers as they transform the school into the designated theme.

Steps for Success – Organize the yearly walk-a-than.

Brush with the Masters – Organize an art project based on an art master. Projects can be done quarterly or bi-monthly.

**The next PTO meeting will be on Tuesday April 12th at 3:30.

Spring Into the Arts

The Valparaiso Community Schools are partnering with the city of Valparaiso to celebrate the arts through "Spring Into the Arts." The activities will run from April 30 - May 28, 2016 at various city locations. For more information go to Spring Into the Arts.

If you are interested in ordering a Spring Into the Arts t-shirt follow this Spring into the Arts t-shirt ordering link. All proceeds will help fund this brand new festival that celebrates the Arts in a month-long celebration! Order now and receive your shirt(s) before our kick-off on April 30th!

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Saturday Night Live 2016

Save The Date for Barnes & Noble Book Fair April 25 - 4-8 pm

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Parents of students in grades 3, 4 and 5 should be aware that the ISTEP+ test window is April 18 - May 6 for Part 2. If possible, please do not schedule doctor's visits and days out of school during these test windows. Students normally do better taking tests with their classmates.

Part 2 is the Multiple Choice portion and will be taken online. If you are interested in more information about ISTEP+ and the Indiana College and Career Ready Standards you will find resources on the Indiana Department of Education's website.

The Department of Education has released this information for ISTEP+ Part 2:

The IDOE is pleased to announce the ISTEP+ “Experience” opportunity is now available through Pearson! The purpose of Experience is for students, educators, parents, and community members to see how test items similar to those on the ISTEP+ Part 2 assessment are presented in the online system.

You may access the "Experience" through the IN DOE website at this link: Experience.

PICK-UP and DROP-OFF Reminder

In the interest of safety, please follow the school procedures when dropping off your child in the morning and picking up your child at the end of the day. The line for both starts at Bond Street and follows Milton Street to the school. Please do not cut into the line at Ridgeland. There is no pick up or drop off in either of the parking lots. Please inform others who may be picking up your child, i.e. grandparents and babysitters, about these procedures.

Car Line Procedures

January 5, 2016

As we get ready to begin the second half of the school year, we would like to remind you of the Memorial Car Line procedures.

  1. Please do not get out of the car during the car line. Your child needs to be able to get into the car and buckle his/her seat belt independently.

  2. Once your child is in the car, please proceed forward. If you need to stop for some reason, please pull into the parking lot on Milton Street. Especially as the weather changes, we want to get the kids into their cars as quickly as possible.

  3. Please have your child’s booster/car seat on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. We do not want children getting into vehicles on the driver’s side because traffic on Milton Street is not stopped during dismissal. If the car seat must be on the driver’s side for some reason, your child needs to be able to get in on the passenger’s side and climb over to his/her seat independently.

  4. Please pull all the way forward so that you are right behind the car in front of you. When the snow and ice come, the sidewalk going uphill can be a little slick.

  5. Please make sure that you have your sign in the window. If you need a new or additional sign, please let your child’s teacher know or contact the office.

Thank you so much for following these procedures. It will make the car line run more smoothly which helps us get all of the children home in a more timely manner. Please share this information with anyone who may pick your child up in the car rider line.

Miscellaneous NOTES & REMINDERS:

  • Follow Memorial Elementary on Twitter @Valpo_Memorial.
  • For the well-being of others, please keep students at home 24 hours after the symptoms have passed, if they have had a fever or have vomited.
  • Please send a note, or email Mrs. Molnar, in the morning with all changes in transportation. When calls are made during the busy school day, there is a chance that the message may get delayed and/or not delivered. If you have an emergency during the day, which merits a change in transportation, the best way to send the message is to Mrs. Molnar's email:
  • Please remind your child to check the Lost and Found for any missing clothing or winter wear items. It is growing daily. You are welcome to come look through it as well, as sometimes the students do not look as thoroughly as adults.
  • If you need a copy of the New Wellness Policy, please ask in the office. There is a list of acceptable birthday/classroom treats. The teachers appreciate pre-packaged and pre-portioned treats.
  • A Background Check Application is required to be completed by school visitors and volunteers each school year. Anyone coming to help with holiday parties must have one completed a week in advance.


We are in need of Substitute Instructional Aides. Duties include: assisting teachers in the classroom, working with small groups of children, and supervising lunch and recess. Criteria for this position include at least 2 years of college or the passing of the ParaPro Praxis test. (Bachelor's Degree or Teaching License preferred.) If you are interested in applying to become a sub aide, please contact Mrs. Molnar or Mrs. Misecko in the office at 531-3090.

PTO News

You can find the Memorial PTO News at: