Of Mice & Men

by: John Steinbeck

Summary of the novel

Of Mice and Men is about two men who are forced out of there town for one of there actions, Lennie was accused of "rape" so him and his carrier George left to find work somewhere else. They ended up working on a ranch with other guys, one was Curly, he was the only man on the ranch with a wife. She was always lonely and tried to talk to other guys but the guys knew not to talk to her because Curly was a boxing chap and liked to fight. When George and Lennie came she tried to talk to them as much as she could. George was playing horseshoes with the guys while Lennie was holding the puppy that he killed when Curly's wife walked in. A whole lot of drama broke out after that. Lennie also killed Curly's wife trying to keep her quite and not go tell that he killed the pup. It took them a while to figure out who did it and they found out that it was Lennie. They said they were gonna torture him then kill him, George on thee other hand cared a lot about Lennie. He made a very hard decision... And that was to kill lannie so they wouldnt hurt him too bad.

Theme Analysis

The theme of this story is, friendship. You should always be kind to one another and do not hold grudges.


"Evening of a hot day started the little wind to moving among the leaves. Then shade climbed up the hills toward the top. On the sand banks the rabbits sit quietly as little gray, sculptured stones.

Author description

John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. John loved a happy childhood with 3 sisters, but not much money in his family. John dropped out of college and worked as a laborer before achieving success as a writer. His 1939 novel, "The Grapes of Wrath", won a Pulitzer Prize & National book award. John served as a war correspondent during WWII, & was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1962. Steinbeck died in New York City in 1968.