VCR Lesson 5

Rachael Davis

Fill in the Blank

Bryson, a teenager who is very skilled in ______, can make a deck of cards disappear into thin air.

The Word

legerdemain (n.)

1. Sleight of hand; magic tricks

2. Any trickery or deception

A person who does legerdemain (practices sleight of hand and or deceives) is called a legerdemainist


Borrowing from the French leger de main

leger (light) + de (of) + main (hand)


First Definition:

  • enchantment
  • magic
  • wizardry

Second Definition:

  • deceit
  • fraud
  • treachery


First Definition:

  • reality

Second Definition:

  • honesty
  • truth
  • openness


The reputed first known performance of legerdemain was in 2700 BC performed by Dedi, an ancient Egyptian magician. It is said he decapitated a bird's head and reattached it. He then resurrected it.

This trick was recently explained on a "magic revealed" program. They found that Dedi manipulated the bird's head to fold back and under the wing. As this was done, Dedi would produce, by slight of hand, a fake head of the bird, giving the impression that bird was decapitated.

Identify the incorrect sentence

a) The magician used great legerdemain while performing his magic tricks before the audience.

b) The salesman often used legerdemain to make people believe they were getting the best deal.

c) I watched the magician do his magic trick very closey, and I still could not figure out how he pulled off his act of legerdemain.

d) The girl performed an act of legerdemain when she told her father the truth of the incident.

Correct Answer: D