The best sport ever -

So - why is it good?

Tennis games often require good vision because the ball can get to high speeds very easily. If you play tennis enough time your vision will sure get better. It will also improve your reflexes - so you only need to play!

You can play it in singles or doubles so it would be even better to play tennis with your friends in a 2v2 match!

The best player in the world!

Rafael Nadal which is the best tennis player in the world. he got 13 of the Grand Slam singles cups. So if you play tennis enough time you can even be better than him!

Rafael's worst game was in 2005 when he played against Novak Djokovic. He played 5 sets of games and lost every single one of them. Even though he lost he was not disappointed because he broke a world record of a 5 hour match.

Tennis - talk with the racquet , play with your heart!

Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal Indian Wells 2012 Point of the Match
By : Shira Kokyashvili and Mark Golan.