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Hello 2017!

Happy New Year!

Twenty seventeen--it just sounds good! I for one am thrilled to say hello to what I believe will be a very bright 2017. I see it already….goals will be crushed, resolutions will stick and we’ll be feeling strong and energized!

One thing I really appreciate about this time is that opportunity is abundant. I have to share a quick blurb about my brother-in-law Tyler. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, he shared with our family that he was interested in joining some buddies in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as part of his New Year celebration—most definitely an incredible goal and experience to be had! That being said, when he shared this news, most of us were concerned about his readiness to make that massive climb. Had he been training? What about the altitude? Was Ty a little nuts considering the climb was less than 2 months away? But sure enough, he set his mind to it, he booked his trip and is currently in Africa preparing to begin the trek on January 4th. Good luck Ty! Ty’s an adventurer, that’s for sure, but he is also a great example as to the beauty of setting your mind on something, seizing an opportunity and running with it!

So many opportunities to seize and run with in 2017! Reflecting on what did and didn’t work for you in 2016 can help you design your dreams for 2017. In the general sense, here are a few of my learnings from this past year and a few ideas I’d love to run with in the new year!

  • If you’re not happy with where you’re at, make a change. Get a little uncomfortable. Get a little shaky. As my pilates instructor always says…if the bod ain’t shakin’, then the muscles aren’t changin’! Change isn’t always easy…but boy is it worth it. Stepping outside of your comfort zone—with your workouts, your diet, your schedule—can be so rewarding!
  • Set realistic expectations! This will help you keep pace and retain momentum. A common mistake many of us make is that we let disappointment kill momentum. Just remember, disappointment is inevitable because perfection is rare. Don’t get down because you took a step back or didn’t hit your goal. Just keep trying!
  • Be intentional. You can ‘want’ and ‘wish’ or you can make it happen!
  • Spread joy! It is a marvelous feeling to bring happiness to another. Let’s all try to be more kind, more encouraging, more thankful, more helpful this year!

Also, I wanted thank you so much for your love and support in 2016! I truly enjoy writing my Motivation Monday emails and it has meant the world to me to receive your heartwarming messages of encouragement and support. I will do my best to infuse interesting and useful content into each weekly read and I hope they prove to be something you look forward to each Monday morning.

Cheers to a great 2017 for you!

In good health and much gratitude,


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