De La Salle College Newsletter

November 2021



On Wednesday the Government announced the return to school for Years 0-10.

The College Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Faculties and staff using Parent feedback, are planning the return to school programme for our Year7-10 students.

This programme will be different to the usual College teaching programme as changes have to be made to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

You will receive updates regularly on how the return to school will effect your son.

We are working through another extraordinary term of school with hope and optimism.

As a College we have all remained calm, focused and committed to our goal of providing an outstanding education for our young men.

COVID’S many associated disruptions and challenges have been met with positive solutions and while it has been a real shame to have had some College events cut short, we have been able to focus our full attention on the academic and learning goals that staff and students set for the term.

As a College, the message to our staff and young men has been consistent and taken from our Founder John Baptist De La Salle’s Letter 102, which he wrote to the young men that he was training to become Brothers and teachers, “ Take care not to let yourself be discouraged by any disappointments, life is full of them.”

I would like to personally thank our College Staff, Students and Parents for their wonderful resilience and perseverance when faced with the challenges that we have overcome in the last twelve weeks. Parents you have been our “heroes”, not only running a busy home, working in your jobs, but also having to become instant Home schoolers to all of your children, I commend and thank you.

I am also of the belief that our young men have taken many new learning habits from the Lockdowns and have learnt to work a lot smarter, hopefully developing some lifelong learning habits through this time.

Over the last week we have welcomed our Seniors back to the College, with a very specific focus on preparing them for their final Assessments and Exams. We have found this programme to be successful and the students and staff have made these workshop sessions very valuable.
We continue to remain hopeful that Alert levels will drop, this will allow us to finish our year with some of the community events that we treasure and look forward to as a College, I certainly have missed our full College Masses and Liturgies, Assemblies and events that all are the glue that binds us together as a Catholic Lasallian community.

  • I have been in discussions with the CMDHB about using the College as a Vaccination site on Saturday November 20th. This event will be for all of our community with a special push for those in the 16-34 year old age group to be vaccinated. I encourage all eligible members of our community to be double vaccinated to protect yourselves and loved ones. More information will be posted on all of our communications sites once the CMDHB have confirmed this date.

  • I would like to remind you that if you have a son, nephew or young man in your extended family currently in Year 6 or 8 at a school, please encourage his parents to enrol him at De La Salle promptly. Lockdowns have disrupted our usual enrolment process but we are now completing enrolment interviews and finalising places for 2022.

Stay safe and well.
God bless

Myles Hogarty


Targeting and Condolences

Associate Principal

Mr D English

Greetings to all our boys and their families. It's hard to not be able to greet people personally and show how pleased you are to see them. For the last two weeks we have been having exams and targeted workshops at school. The small number of boys here have been very focused and are using their time well. It is an unusual opportunity to be able to have such targeted learning, for the boys who really need it in the subjects that they really need help with. Thanks to you boys who are taking advantage of this opportunity.

As teachers and adults, lockdown is also a chance for targeted learning. For some it might be a physical or diet challenge, for others reading, something related to music, cooking new recipes, or it could be trying to sort out a challenging relationship. For me it has been about keeping in touch with people, the value of presence and a simple conversation. This is not always easy to do in ‘normal’ times, but lockdown has given me a chance to target this area.

What is the area that you have the chance to target, if you haven’t already done so?

My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones during this lockdown and have been unable to grieve in the way that you would want to. We want to fully acknowledge the lives of our loved ones, but that is difficult to do in these circumstances. We can only do our best and perhaps at a later date we will be able to show our full respect for the lives of those who have passed away. Be assured that the College is thinking of you and praying for you.

Ministry and Mission

Assistant Principal for Mission

Mr K Raukura

Dear Lasallians, families and friends of the College, as we continue towards the end of the year, we are still challenged with the realities of everyday life in this COVID-19 affected world. The ‘Delta’ variant has created new difficulties and the subsequent lock downs we are all barely managing. I sincerely acknowledge the work of the De La Salle College staff and those hardworking students, who, despite being away from campus, struggling with online learning and staying motivated, have still fought on and have shown an enduring thirst to learn and to grow. The online learning, ZOOM meetings and work set on TEAMS is a solid reminder of how lucky we are to live in a digitally connected community. If this pandemic had happened pre-internet, getting work to students and staying in touch would have been extremely difficult. I am reminded of a piece of art that was commissioned and based on an older piece of work.
In this image we see the mix of the old and the new, Saint John Baptist De La Salle in the classroom with one of his beloved Brothers, but also alongside lay partners, students of various ages and cultures, and all amazingly immersed in modern technology – virtual screens, iPads and laptops, augmented and virtual reality, plus solid paper books and teachers guiding and supporting. Times change but the love of education and the joy of learning continues to inspire, motivate, and to change and transform lives. De La Salle was well aware that an excellent education led to true freedom and liberty. Today, we, the teachers of De La Salle College, continue to live up to these ideals. Even in these COVID times we are trying to reach this vision. Please be patient and kind as we juggle our own lives, families, emotions and routines during this lockdown.
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Walking Daily with Saint John Baptist De La Salle

Each day, I post a ‘Walking Daily with Saint John Baptist De La Salle’ that is sent to all teachers and staff across our three NZ Lasallian schools plus countless other Lasallian communities worldwide. Along with a quote from the Founder, I include a small reflection and a prayer. During these continued times of uncertainty, I share with you these words from the post dated 5th November:

Don’t forget to pray, don’t be ashamed and don’t be too proud! God’s grace is good. If it wasn’t for God’s grace, none of us would be here right now. So when it gets dark and you can’t find the way. Pray.”

To aid with our daily prayer life while we are stuck in lockdown, I have also been providing the staff and student body with daily gospel readings, a reading reflection and a short prayer. These have received tremendous feedback and I am glad they help bring some calm and solace into peoples days.

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If you haven’t been tuning in already, please keep an eye out for our weekly online mass services with Father Martin. He has kindly been providing Thursday Masses online and even ensured we had services for ‘All Souls’ and ‘All Saints’. You can find these on De La Salle College’s Facebook page:

Also check out our weekly God Podcast – ‘Father and the Bro’s’ each Friday here .

A huge acknowledgement to our Campus Minister Mr. Matthew Apuda, who has been guiding the Sacramental Programme Online and organising students for Mass recordings and participation. His fraternal manner and looking after the students over this period has been greatly appreciated.

Let us continue to be people of faith and hope. As Lasallians we always ‘Fight the Good Fight of Faith’ and live each day seeking to be our best selves and to use the glorious gifts we have been given.

Let us pray..

Oh my God, You know my weakness and failings,

and that without Your help I can accomplish nothing for the good of souls,

my own and others’. Grant me, therefore, the help of Your grace.

Grant it according to my particular needs this day.

Enable me to see the task You will set before me in the daily routine of my life,

and help me work hard at my appointed tasks.

Teach me to bear patiently all the trials of suffering or failure that may come to me today.


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Assistant Principal

Mr P Doyle

YEAR 11 - 13


  • the Technology and Visual Arts students who completed their portfolios this week
  • the Trades Maths class who completed their project with Mr Hakeagatoa
  • the Computer Science students who completed their DCAT Exams this week
  • the Year 11 – 13 students who have already passed NCEA

However, for most students the race is not over yet. Some will still need credits to achieve. Many will be aiming for Merit and Excellence Endorsement, Subject Endorsement and UE.

NCEA Exams

It is wonderful that we get the opportunity to complete exams given the year we have had. We encourage all students in their study and revision.

NCEA Exams start Monday 22 November with Level 2 Physics exam and continue until the Level 2 Samoan exam on December 14.

NCEA morning exams start at 9.30 am. You need to be at school by 9.00 am to enter the exam. Afternoon exams start at 2.00 pm. You need to be at school by 1.40 pm to enter the exam. You must be in school uniform.

Unexplained Event Grades

In 2021, all students are eligible for Unexplained Event Grades because of the disruption due to covid. Unexplained Event Grades [UEGs] can be awarded where the school has evidence from practice exams and the like that shows that a student would be expected to achieve a particular Exam or External standard. Students who sit the NZQA exam will be awarded the higher of the two grades. For example, if a student has evidence for a Merit from an UEG and gets an Achieved in the real exam, then they will be awarded a Merit grade. The same can happen in reverse. Regardless, we encourage students to attempt exams where possible.

We are working hard with NZQA to make sure that students can sit the exams safely here at school. It will be even more important than usual for students to head home straight after exams. For those students with afternoon exams you may need to plan different travel arrangements as afternoon exams do not finish until 5 pm.

The following precautions will be in place to reduce any potential risk.

At all COVID alert levels:

  • If we are implicated in an outbreak or cluster and/or has been closed by the Medical Officer of Health, the exams will not be able to take place until public health authorities give approval
  • Anyone who is unwell must stay away.
  • Any students identified as close contacts of a confirmed case, cannot attend their exam(s)

Before the Start of each exam, we will ensure:

  • Desks in the exam room are spaced so that exam candidates are at least 2 metres apart in all directions
  • All surfaces like door handles, desks and chairs are disinfected and cleaned. Hand sanitiser and hand washing will be available at the
  • Exam candidates will be observed by staff on arrival checking for symptoms and asking those presenting as unwell to make arrangements to go home

During each exam, we ensure:

  • the attendance roll is clearly marked – this is a requirement for all exams under normal conditions

After each exam, we ensure:

  • Candidates leave the exam room in a way that maintains physical distancing
  • Encourage candidates to immediately return home after their exam (and not to mill around in groups, for example)

Face coverings

  • Face coverings are required by NZQA in an exam at Alert Level 3.

Keep studying hard and look after yourself. Be prepared and be at school early for all exams. Make sure you have all the equipment needed and that extra pen. Calculators are required for Science and Mathematics exams.

NCEA Admission Slips

All NCEA students require an Admission Slip to enter the exams. NZQA Exam Centre Manager, Mrs Barbara Warrender must confirm their identity. NZQA provide the Admission Slip.

Your son will be given his admission slip at his first exam. If your son loses his slip he can either print one off his NZQA student login page.

Activate your NZQA Learner Logon - Important

Students who have not logged in to the NZQA learner site should register now using their National Student Number (NSN) and date of birth. If you need your NSN number make contact with your Homeroom teacher or Dean.

To prevent delays in accessing personal information (including examination results in January 2018) this should be done as soon as possible.

NCEA Results notification

Year 11 – 13 students and families are advised that results will be available mid-January on-line. The NZQA website is also where he should be ordering his results and Certificates in January.

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YEAR 7/8

Talofa lava. In Year 7/8 we have tried to make learning as interesting and as fun as possible given that we could not have our boys in front of us face to face during this lock down. We have set subject quizzes, kahoots, teacher quizzes (seeing how well the boys know their teachers), tik toks for PE, videos of science experiments, Lexile, Mathletics, speeches (boys have sent in recordings of their speeches), class meetings, group sessions, boys collaborating on Teams to help one another out with the work. Yes, it has been difficult to get all the boys in our classes on line at any one time but we have all made contact with our boys at some stage. Well done to all our boys and our teachers who have worked so hard to keep the spirit and commitment to our learning alive during these uncertain times – Thank You!

Ms V Tufuga

Year 7 & 8 Dean


Resilience and flexibility have been the message for our Year 10 students. The saving grace for our cohort was that they have not started NCEA but this gave them a very valuable insight into just what can happen and how important it is to be resilient and flexible but most importantly planning for any eventual outcome. It was encouraging to see students land on their feet and be able balance and manage their own learning. There are some positives that have come out of the last couple of months and seeing self-motivated learners is one of them!

Mr A D’Souza

Year 10 Dean


It has been a while since we have been in lockdown, but I have been really impressed as I have observed the way many of our year 11 cohort have responded to these challenges. It is their first year of NCEA and this unexpected disruption has been difficult, but they have met this challenge with courage and resilience. The senior school year is coming to a close as the cohort prepares for their external exams. In preparation for NCEA exams, we will be holding a meeting with Barbara, the NZQA exam manager on zoom at 12pm on Monday 15th November. We invite all year 11 students to join us online to get important information regarding their upcoming exams and to answer any questions they may have.

Miss F Puleiku

Year 11 Dean


It’s been a tough 13 weeks for our Year 12 cohort as they continue to cope with the lockdown. Having to juggle with online learning and often working part-time to help support their families, sometimes I wonder how these boys manage during this extended, difficult time. During the lockdown 36 of our Year 12 boys applied for the role of prefect for 2022. Out of that group 21 boys will have the opportunity to become leaders of the school. Good luck to all candidates that applied.

With Preliminary exams out of the way, it’s great to see so many Year 12 boys take advantage of the workshops on offer, to help them prepare for external exams in just a few weeks. To all the Year 12 homeroom teachers that worked extremely hard during the lockdown, constantly checking in with the boys and providing words of encouragement each day, thank you for your consistent dedication. It has again been a pleasure leading a wonderful group of hard-working teachers and seeing how they care for their students. Keep up the fantastic work.

Mr U Hakeagatoa

Year 12 Dean


As a very difficult and uncertain time draws to a close it is important that instead of dwelling on the negatives we face, we highlight some outstanding successes in our Year 13 cohort this year. We received news from Mrs. Fannon our Careers Advisor, that so far 14 of our young men embarking on tertiary studies next year have already gained scholarships and there are more to come. Congratulations to these students who through hard work under trying circumstances have been rewarded. Two of our students have received recognition for their sporting prowess 1 student has flown out to join the New Zealand Warriors on contract and the other will be heading to Japan to study at a university and play rugby. We are still hoping to have some form of closure to the year for our young men. We will keep you informed; here's hoping for a green light! Can I again thank the Homeroom Teachers, Subject Teachers and Senior Management for all their collective work and support. Finally, to the Parents and Students of Year 13 2021 thank you all for what you have done for our College these past seven years.

Have a Merry and Holy Christmas

Mr N Hurst

Dean 13 Year

ICT Academy

Director of ICT

Mr J Singh

All students can participate in the School’s BYOD Programme with approval from their parents. Our recommended device is Acer Travelmate B311 Spin and can be purchased at discounted price from Harvey Norman’s Manukau branch.

Use Code: MOE092764319.

All devices have Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System pre-loaded. We have Microsoft Office licence which enables all students to use without additional cost, the Microsoft Office Applications including Office 365 Teams. Students will be able to access their class learning resources digitally from home. Contact the School Office for further information.

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NCEA Computer Science External Digital Exams

Senior Students studying Computer Science completed their NCEA External Examinations digitally at school this week. As in other subjects, students have been taking online lessons. They also attended Workshops at school over the last 3 weeks. Students answered questions on Human Computer interaction, Computer Security and Network Communications Protocols.

All the best to all students in your External Examinations coming up.

Faith, Service, Community and Excellence in The Intermediate Department

Assistant Principal Year 7 & 8

Mr O L Tamayo

De La Salle College Intermediate is committed to the formation of the students be it in school or outside school. The rules of the game have changed being in lockdown for the most of term 3 and term 4 but the staff and the students have held strong with their goals this year.

The students have been in union with the nation, praying for everyone’s safety through their daily online prayers that is done online. They have been attending online Thursday masses and prayers that are prepared by the special character team of the school and online Sunday masses led by the Catholic Church of New Zealand. It is way different to do online prayers but the students inspired by their teachers remain sincere as they develop their Faith in God.

Student Service is also different as lockdown has hindered everyone from going out and extending a helping hand to others but the staff and the students have gone an extra mile by checking on everyone and ensuring that everyone meets their basic needs. The students have been challenged to check on their classmates and mates’ well-being as it is difficult for some families to make ends meet. The Department has made communications with the school and community to ensure that no one is left behind – be it with devices or food parcels.

The Spirit of Community has been strengthened by the time that the students are away from their school mates. They do not see themselves as friends but brothers who are always there to support in times of difficulty. The students are given opportunity to catch up daily through different activities set by their teachers. They are given chances to chat and work together as groups through break out rooms either in Teams or Zoom.

Though not physically in school, the students’ excellence is never forgotten. They are challenged daily by their teachers to do daily tasks to hone their skills and to put into practise things that are learned. The students were given opportunities to practise their skills in measurement through either baking or cooking. They were asked to take videos of their work and cook for their family. Something that would uplift the family’s spirit and at the same time live what they have learned. They were also asked to plant seeds and cuttings to see for themselves how plants grow. They made videos of themselves delivering their speeches. They were asked to do sports activities within their bubble and spread their legs as Minister Hipkins would say. But of course, it is not all work. The teachers keep on trying to make learning fun by doing Kahoot and Quizziz allowing the students to play with their classmates and test their learning. The students also made journals and weekly essays to express their thoughts.

The lockdown may be long but the student and staff resilience is longer. Though we are coming from different suburbs we are one in living the mission of our founder St. John Baptiste de La Salle in Faith.

Congratulations SOL (aka Sounds of La Salle)

Head of Faculty Arts

Mrs R Laumemea

Sounds of La Salle have had an amazing year and even though lockdown meant they didn’t get to compete at the National final for Tangata Beats or the Regional finals for Stand up Stand out, they continue to have work hard to get their message through and share their musical talents.

During lockdown, they had the opportunity to record their “Dear Brother” song professionally as part of a Ministry of Health campaign aimed at telling the stories of our Pasifika communities relating to wellbeing, mental health and resilience.

Last week, each student in the band received a $500 KBB/Rockshop voucher from the Smokefree Tangata Beats organizers. A huge thank you to our vocal itinerant and SOLS mentor/tutor Mr Leonard Folau for his commitment and dedication to the boys and their music. Watch out for their music video!!

Literacy Centre

Director of Literacy Centre

Ms A Chapman

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#PancakeCompetition! Enter the Eat My Lunch in collaboration with The Ironclad Pan Company search for an All-Time Cooking Legend! Everyone who enters the competition receives a badge especially made for Kiwi kids. Simply make the pancake recipe (shown on pic below) take a photo and post it on social media. Easy as.


• Students enrolled in schools that are part of the Eat My Lunch Give programme.

• Families are welcome to join their kids too!


Winner will receive a prize worth $240.

Plus, there are spot prizes for:

• Best pancake art

• Funky face pancake

• Coolest pancake flip

• Best MasterChef and Pancake pose

• Best kitchen pancake mess reaction


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Pop-up Vaccination Event - Walk In Only

Saturday, Nov. 20th, 9am-5pm

81 Gray Avenue

Auckland, Auckland

Counties Manukau Health are organising a special walk-in pop-up vaccination clinic for the school community – students, parents, staff and whānau. This special pop-up clinic is a great opportunity for our school to get together and help protect the community from COVID 19.

You do not need to book – simply turn up on the day! Make sure you and your whānau have face coverings and if possible, bring your NHI number.

WHEN: Saturday, 20th November

TIME: 9am – 5pm.

WHERE: School Hall/MPC

CONTACT: College Nurse Mrs V Hurling 09 276 4319 ext 849

For more information check the school website or Facebook page


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Enrolments for 2022 close Friday 26 November