Action Pak D'Action

Teaching Creative Dance in the Classroom

What is Action Pak?

The Action Pak is a comprehensive package of creative cards, which gives new and seasoned teachers a simple, dynamic, and artistic approach to develop a movement vocabulary with their students.

The Action Pak uses a series of Laban based action words, with bright graphics on individual cards, to generate "Action Phrases" with a strong focus on the Elements of Dance.

1: Dance Resource Action Pak

The Dance Resource book is a series of standalone lessons which can be implemented into your classes immediately.

Each lesson is broken down following a simple outline, with variations to help tailor the creativity to your class's ability and experience. With tons of room for exploration and experimentation, these lessons will help develop your student's artistry while building their dance vocabulary.

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2: Dancing Through the Curriculum

Dancing Through the Curriculum is an integrated approach to teaching various subjects through dance.

All subject areas are explored in the book, with dance as the driving medium in mastering the content. We incorporate lessons from Math, Science, English, Social Studies and other disciplines.

This book is an excellent resource to complement your day to day teaching and help your students to understand concepts while exploring their movement vocabulary.

Order now for only $34.99!

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