Using Smore to Create a Poster

What is Smore?

Smore is a free, online application that allows you to create and share posters. The posters that you make can be shared online via social media, or by emailing a link.

Below are some examples of posters that have been made using Smore.

Your Assignment...

Each one of you will be responsible for finding and presenting one "cool tech tool". It can be anything...a great app, a helpful website, a really amazing collection of videos...whatever you can find.

You will:

1. Find a "cool tech tool"

2. If it is an application, create something with your cool tech tool. If it is a website prepare a tour of the website.

3. Present you cool tech tool to your class. Share what you have create or give your website tour.

4. After you present, post your cool tech tool to your class' Padlet page (the link and password will be emailed to you)