Amendment  XXVIII

The reproductive rights of woman

Why it's a issus

In the U.S. there is an average of 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) are raped each year. These woman have the biggest decision of their lives to weather to keep the baby or get an abortion. With the high price of abortions woman who can't deal with the raped and having a child are forced to keep the baby, when they may just simply not be ready to have the responsibility of having a child. But on the other hand these woman do keep the baby because of religious reason and also because of morals. But by keeping the baby comes with great financial struggle.

To make The reproductive rights of women a admenment

Why I believe that this issus should be an amendment because it is a real problem that the U.S. has. I propose that the goverment should make the abortion legal to all rape victim and a lot more affordable. And to the woman who are courageous enough to give birth to the babies of the rapist should have financial support by reciving a tax check.

Pros and Cons

There is defintly many pro to this proposal , to making the price of abortions affordable and giving tax checks to the woman who are having the baby and are in need of financial help. But some cons that can come up about this proposal is that some woman can absuse the money and spend it in something other than the baby, or that some other woman who may say they were raped just to get an abortion for a cheaper price.
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