If a Teacher finds a book...

A presentation on 5 books by Laura Numeroff for young kids

Laura Numeroff

These books are contagious fun! All the stories start out with an animal character and the human companion that accompanies all the silly tangents and adventures they find themselves in. All of the books start with "If you give a Mouse a Cookie, then he is going to ask for a glass of milk."

Guaranteed to be Favorite of many Children

Teaching Tips

These books can be used in lower elementary school classrooms. The teacher can show how, just like the animal characters in the story, one incident can start a chain reaction. This is applicable to real world situations. Some actions can lead to other adventures which lead to other actions and experiences. This ongoing process can lead students to reflect on their actions and what possible chain reactions could be created. One possible extension of these book's lessons can be done with literacy where they write about their own character's action and the aftermath.

The Top 5 Picks

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

This book is about an adorable mouse that runs amok around the house. The tradition in Numeroff's books is a character and their human friend go on a dissing trip which all leads them back to the inevitable conclusion of the initial request. This story starts with a mouse, a cookie and a request for milk and turns into a cleaning frenzy with naps, story book and drawing pictures. All of these adventures lead to the charming conclusion of the mouse back to wanting some milk and then a cookie.
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If You Give a Moose a Muffin

The main character is a moose whose friend gives him a muffin which makes the moose want some jam to go with it. This leads the duo to sewing, puppet shows, painting backdrops, using sheets, and seeing blackberry bushes which reminds him of jam, which makes him want some muffins. Although all the stories follows in the traditional rhythm, each book leads to it's own silly adventures.
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If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

This book is about a cat receiving a cupcake and the chain reaction started by him asking for some sprinkles. The adventures take the cat and his human friend all the way to the beach to build sand castles, to the gym to workout, being a captain of a row boat, a merry-go-round, to the museum, and back home where the sand from the beach reminds him of sprinkles which therefore makes him want a cupcake.
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If You Give a Pig a Party

This book is about a pig who is given a party. Since she is given the party, she wants some balloons to decorate. This leads to invitation of friends, a street fair with bumper cars and games, ice cream, hide-and-seek, a sleepover with a pillow fight and blanket fort. This will lead her to want to decorate the fort with balloons. The conclusion is the pig wants a party.
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If You Take a Mouse to School

This story is with a mouse and being brought to school. He will ask for his lunchbox, which starts the chain reaction of events. This adventures include sharing backpacks, lockers, doing math, spelling and science, which leads to washing up and lunchtime, building a mouse house and writing his own book, outside time with sports which he will be hungry for a snack within your lunchbox. This inevitable step in the process leads him to ask for his lunchbox and be taken back to school.