Diamatina River


Diamantina River

Diamantina River, is 900 km long and there is 3,934 km2 of water. This river is connected to three rivers, the Western River, the Mayne River and the Farras creek. Diamantina River is located in Birdsville, Queensland. Birdsville, is a town that is in need for an idea to generate electricity so using Hydropower is a good idea since they have a river close to them.

How Is Water Turned Into Electricity?

Firstly, we would build a dam where the natural water is flowing so it can be captured and stored into a reservoir. Then the water would flow through a turbine which makes it turn. When the turbines turn, it activates a generater which makes electricity. Afterthat, the electricity is transported to electricity grids which travelles on wires and into our fuseboxes powering our electrical things.

How will we might overcome anything that could stop your design from working?

Things that can stop this design from working is if the water runs out, it costs a lot of money and because Diamantina River is flat land, we would have to build wiers so the water can flow into the reservoir.

An animation of how hydro power.