Attack on Pearl Harbor

written by Brendan Latz

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An Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl harbor is a military base in hawaii found on the island of oahu. It was attacked by the empire of Japan but nobody was expecting an a attack there cause the water is very shallow and there tons of ships there and tons of men. But that did not stop them no way but it was also very secret and some pilots did not even now only generals new they kept this very secret.


All Japanese were in planes and took off from aircraft carriers all planes had one bomb and two machine guns. All Americans ships had huge aircraft guns and giant missile launchers that took eight men to operate. The bombs the Japanese had were very destructive and there was fire everywhere.
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Work to Be Done

After the Japanese left there was still work to be done there was blood every on the ocean. In fact, the hospital was so crowded they started operating in schools. And they had to rebuild carriers, the harbor, and Hickam Air Base.
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Into World War II

In planning to get revenge the American people entered world war two. And successfully won the war by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan.

Pearl Harbor Today

After World War II had ended, the American people constructed a monument in Pearl Harbor called the USS Arizona. This monument was built to honor many men and women who lost their lives due to what the did the american people entered world war II And to this day people everywhere still remember the fear of pearl harbor.
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Pearl Harbor Plan

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Now, we're not talking atomic bombs. We're talking about planes that The Japanese sent planes out...lots of them! They dropped a bomb and tried to kill as many men as possible. Sadly, many innocent men were killed.
Pearl Harbor - Dec. 7, 1941 - The only color film of the attack