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Lake Windsor Middle School

Lately, there has been a lot of commotion around Lake Windsor Middle School. Many amazing and tragic events have happened in the past week such as...

~The Fisher family moved into town from Texas

~Erik Fisher is a new senior sensation to the Lake Windsor football team

~Arthur Bauer and Erik Fisher became friends

~Arthur and Erik have been sneaking around the town at night

~There are soccer tryouts on September 1st and Paul will be trying out

~Paul Fisher is following in his brothers steps but instead of football he will pursue soccer

~Paul feels like everyone only knows him by his "amazing" brother's football skills instead of actually getting to know him

~The Costello family has suffered tragedy for their son Mike died during football practice

~The school gives no praise, nor attention to Mike's death

~Joey (Mike's little brother) didn't go to school the week after his brother died

Erik VS Paul

Although Paul and Erik Fisher are brothers they are both very different . Erik is a senior,football sensation, who everyone seems to admire. He will do what ever it takes to succeed including getting into trouble. Paul on the other hand is a very shy, middle schooler and enjoys playing soccer. He feels like everyone only knows him as "Erik's little brother" and that he will never be as good as Erik is at football in soccer.

Mike Costello's Death

After Mike's death the Costello family stayed home mourning their son. Joey Costello didn't go to school nor soccer practice throughout the week, and the family wouldn't come out of their house. When Paul noticed how sad the Costello's were from Mike's death he started to think about how he would feel if Erik had died instead of Mike, and he wasn't sure about his feelings. Mrs. Fisher finally decided to take matter into her own hands and held a football reunion at her house to discuss a change in the football practice. At the reunion she brought up the danger of playing football when lightning strikes and most of the families agreed and decide to take it into consideration. Then before leaving, Mr. Bridges (the principle) talked to the families about having a tree planted in the front of the school dedicated to Mike Costello. All the families agreed with him and left.


Some effects of MOYA issues in this book are at the beginning, when Paul is nervous about moving. Paul starts to feel like it will be even harder to make friends in a new state, and that people will think he is weird. Then once the Fisher family moved to Tangerine County everyone started to talk about how great Erik was, making Paul feel pressure to be as good as his older brother causing more MOYA stress. Lastly is when Mike died leaving the Costello family to be depressed and gloomy for weeks.


If you want to sign up for the Soccer Team you will need to know ...

~ The sign up sheet for tryouts will be in the library from August 20-28

~Only kids ages 11-14 can sign up for the soccer team

~ You can only be on the team if you have A's, B's, or C's if you have anything under you will be taken off of the team

~ Everyone on the team needs to buy the team uniform and cleats (it can be found on the school's website under the club

~ There will be team meetings held every other Tuesday and Thursday afternoon unless there's an announced exception

~ If you miss three or more practices unannounced you will be kicked off the team

~ For tryouts come to the back of the football field at 4:30 on September 1

~ If you get on the travel team you will need to pay the extra fine of $245

~ Try your best and good luck!