C3 Weekly Happenings

Sept 19-23, 2016

Special Events

Monday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. We will be celebrating in full pirate style as we explore if pirates are in fact real, the meaning behind pirate flags, and why they say, "Arrr!"
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Homework Announcement!

I have had multiple students request that I send homework home in addition to their assigned spelling menu activities. Beginning this week, on Mondays I will send home a packet of activities that students may choose to do if they would like. The activities that I include will be pertinent to the curriculum we are currently covering. Some suggested activities may change more frequently than others. These suggestions will NOT receive a grade. In fact, they do NOT have to be returned. If students do bring them back, I will periodically look them over to ensure that students are understanding the content correctly. As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact me. As a parent, I know children learn math differently than many of us adults did at their age. Thus, it can be confusing. I'm more than help to help.


We are embarking on the journey of multiplication. Students will come to understand that multiplication is repeated addition and can be looked at as 2x5 is two groups of five. This is a concept that will work on continually throughout the school year.

English Language Arts

This week we will explore a realistic fiction text titled, Destiny's Gift. This is a rich text about volunteering and community. We will focus on the following vocabulary words: afford, earn, customers, figure, contacted, block, raise, and spreading. The key skills we will be focusing on are analyzing and evaluating text to gain deeper meaning.

Students are continuing to work on their personal narratives and are doing quite well. They are including details in an well organized manner as well as including dialogue.


Most students this week are working on long a words and various ways they are spelled. Thank you for working with your student to complete their spelling homework. I am happy to report that students across the board are doing quiet well on their weekly tests. This shows that their studying at home is paying off.


For the next few weeks we will be exploring force and motion. Our class will begin by delving into roller coasters. If you would like to brush up on these scientific concepts you can check out: https://online.kidsdiscover.com/unit/force-and-motion.

Open House Presentation:

If you were unable to attend C3's Open House the beginning of September, here is a brief overview of what was discussed. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZznwFp0ht2dz41zAA0slw5mUtp2h-NDUHi1ChmtkhDY/edit?usp=sharing