Mrs. Passmore's Class News

Second Grade News and Events

Welcome to 4th Quarter!

I can't believe that 4th quarter is already here! This year has really flown by! We are working hard every day to get everyone ready for 3rd grade. You can help at home by making sure your child is still reading every night (15-20 minutes is ideal) and practicing their addition and subtraction facts. At the end of this week, we are jumping into multiplication facts in math, so we won't have focused addition and subtraction fact practice each day. We will continue to work on two-digit addition and subtraction, and begin three-digit addition and subtraction before too long. Right now, most of the errors that I am seeing on two digit addition and subtraction are simple computation errors. The children understand the processes of borrowing and regrouping, but when they go to solve the problem, they may make an error such as 12-7=6 which makes the entire problem wrong. Consistent fact practice will help with that! Also, looking forward to next year, your child will have a huge advantage in learning multiplication and division facts if they already know their addition and subtraction facts without having to count up or down on their fingers.

We had Fun on School Picture Day!

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We are almost out of pencils!

Please help us make it to the end of the year by sending in a package of yellow #2 pencils! Ticonderoga are the best and last the longest, but any brand will do! Thank you so much!!
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News for the upcoming week: March 21-24

We will not have school this Friday, March 25th.

We will begin Lesson 23 in Reading this week: The Goat in the Rug. Skills covered are: Suffixes -y, -ly, -ful; Final Syllables -tion, -ture; Multiple Meaning Words; Drawing Conclusions; Summarizing

The Lesson 23 Spelling and Reading Tests will be this Thursday, March 24. Please see the homework sheet in your child's folder for spelling and high frequency words.

Writing Focus: Poetry

Grammar Focus: Irregular Verbs

Math Concepts Covered this week include: Counting Coins; Showing Money Amounts; Identifying Parrallel Lines and Line Segments; Adding Three Digit Numbers and Money Amounts; Estimating Sums; Multiplying by 5 Facts

Upcoming Math Tests: Fact Assessment- Thursday, March 24th

Written Assessment- Next Monday, March 28th

Science Focus: Landforms

Please see your child's red folder for homework assignments and spelling words!

Ellis Passmore

2nd Grade Teacher

UMS-Wright Preparatory School