Director Newsletter

Vol. 2

October Update

Good Morning Directors,

October is almost here! You obviously know that the theme for next month is When You're Strange. Please look through your curriculum bins and let me know if you are missing anything. I will order any needed items on Wednesday. I will be creating October curriculum books tomorrow. Please continue to have your staff turn them in to you on Thursdays to be checked.

October is going to be a crazy month! Actually the craziness starts this week. Laura is out for the next 4 weeks. Luckily Ellen is holding out until she gets back to go out on maternity leave. Ellen is at about 35 weeks so it could be anytime that she will need to go out for medical reasons. Stacie will be subbing in MV while Ellen and Laura are out. This means that all management staff may need to fill in the gaps until it settles down. The search for a director for RV is underway and hopefully we will find someone soon. Kelli at some point in October will leave MV to open Bogue. There are going to be a lot of changes happening, especially at MV. It is very important that we make the staff and more importantly the parents comfortable with the changes. I have hired a new preschool teacher for MV. I will be training her all week in MV and then she will be on her own starting next week.

I really appreciate all of the hard work and long hours you are all putting in. I believe that October will bring some challenges but I also think that it will bring some amazing opportunities for the company and you guys as well. If you need anything from me or have any questions you know where to find me!