the islamic people bileve in the five pillars. one bileve (one god named Allahlone/ abeahem) two pray (pray five times a day) three charity (help others in need) four fast (not to eat or drink for a peiod of time) five pilgrimage (travle to meca once in your life). their place of worship is called mosque and their worship leader is called a imam. their holy days are friday night and ramadan because friday night is when they go to mosque and ramadan is the ninth month and the fast though that month.the secs they have are Sunni and Shi'i. their holy book is Koran.

Annual Hajj

Once in your life when you travel to Mecca and the most hollies place in the

one god name allah (abranam)

holidays and holidys

friday night

when thay go to mosque


the ninth month of their year.