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My mission, and that of Beautycounter is to educate people about the lack of regulation in the Personal Care Products industry so that people know that they need to look deeper into what is in their Beauty products and Personal Care products, and so they can make educated decisions for themselves and their families!

We want to get safe products into the hands of everyone!

Toxin Toxout

A book on getting harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world

What is a hormone disruptor, and what is it doing in your personal care products? Watch this short video to learn more!

So what is a hormone disruptor?

Product Highlight; Countertime Collection

Anti-aging products are popular for people who want to look younger. But, did you know that a major contributor to premature aging of the skin is toxicity? If you are using products that make anti-aging claims, search the products on the EWG Skin Deep database ( to make sure that you aren't making your skin age faster by filling your body with toxic ingredients!

Countertime is Anti-Aging done better!

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Our scientifically-proven line, Countertime, revolves around deeply hydrating, nourishing, firming, and lifting formulas that effectively fight the signs of aging. All six products are composed of powerful, natural, and botanical ingredients. These products can be purchased individually or as a set. Like all Beautycounter products, every ingredient is screened for safety with the strictest screening process in the industry.

Every product that we sell, from Children's Bath products, to Women's Beauty products, and everything in-between...

has gone through the strictest safety screening in the industry. Product safety for you and your family is what Beautycounter is about!

Sola DiDomenico MNT, Beautycounter Consultant

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