Formatting a Paper in MLA

What is MLA format?

MLA is the format created by the Modern Language Association and it is one of three major formats accepted by universities and schools. MLA format covers the entire set-up of a paper, including things such as margins, line spacing, citations, font size and type, indentations, styling fonts, and what/where to include in headings and headers.

At Enlightium, we use MLA format for citations and paper formatting.

Below are the general requirements. If you need help structuring your essay, please use the links below for the program you use.

Formatting Your Paper

General Requirements

  • Standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper
  • 1" Margins on all sides
  • Font size 12
  • Accepted fonts: Times New Roman, Ariel, Helvetica (font must be similar to one of these in legibility and size)
  • Double-spaced (entire document: headings, assignment, and citations)
  • Indent first line of every paragraph
  • Header in the upper right corner with last name, a space, and the page number
  • Heading containing your first and last name, your teacher's name, your course's full name, the date
  • All dates written in MLA format: day month year (ex: 9 July 2019)
  • Title of the paper is unique to the paper and is centered. It should be the same font size and style of the rest of the paper.
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Works cited in MLA:

  • A separate page from the essay
  • Page titled "Works Cited" at the top
  • Listed in alphabetical order
  • Contains hanging indent

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