Words of Wisdom

By: Max Arnold

Parents seem like they don't know what they need to do. So here is some words of wisdom from a Freshman.

Help your kids out with school work.

Your children want you to help them succeed in life.

Coach your children if they are serious about a sport or career.

Give them advice for classes in high school to reach there goals.

Make sure that when your with your child or children that their having a good time.

Realize that your children are going to be unique people in life.

Let your children express themselves.

Help them with there manors at a young age.

Help put your child on the right path.

If you kid wants to go work out, don't be lazy, go work out with them.

If your kid wants to go on a bike ride, go with them.

Don't baby them all their life.

Let them choose what they want to do with there lives.

Your child will watch how you act in situations.

Put your children above your needs.

Last thing, show your children love when ever you get to see them, they grow up fast.